Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ball O’Tissue tissue dispenser | Joel and Nancy Aronie | Aronie Galleries, United States of America | 1979, 2010 | UPDATE

This is an update to my post of December 10, 2012, the Ball O’Tissue tissue dispenser.  Here is an original orange dispenser with weight, instructions, and original box.

Ball O'Tissue with weight and instructionsBall O'Tissue box

ball o’tissue is the new award-winning designer dispenser that enhances every room in the home or office.  It’s not only practical but it’s fun for adults and children alike.  The perfectly weighted sphere with a roly-poly action always stays right side up and dispenses one tissue at a time.

Ball O'Tissue instructions

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Programma Vastill planter | Gianni Celada | Vastill, Italy | 1970s | UPDATE

Here is an update to my post of June 8, 2009.  It is the Programma planter by Gianni Celada for Vastill in black.  The earlier post is for the planter in yellow.  This is an uncommonly encountered item. 

eBay item 171192891807, Buy It Now €150 (Italy).

Programma Vastill planter blackProgramma Vastill planter black separatedProgramma Vastill planter black bottomProgramma Vastill planter black frontProgramma Vastill planter black insideProgramma Vastill planter black imprint

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Astrolite Products salt and pepper shaker | Ritts Co., L.A. | Various designers | ca. 1970s

Astrolite Products by Ritts Co. is well known for their designs in acrylic (Lucite).  Click for a brief history of Ritts Company and Astrolite Products.  Here is a kitchen and dining product, a salt and pepper shaker that tips one way for salt, the other for pepper.

The shaker measures 6” tall by 2-1/2” across at the bottom.  eBay item 151234838038 Buy It Now or Best Offer (United States).

Astrolite Products salt and pepper shakerAstrolite Products salt and pepper shaker other side Astrolite Products salt and pepper shaker sideAstrolite Products salt and pepper shaker topAstrolite Products salt and pepper shaker bottom

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