Monday, April 3, 2017

yellow watering can

Vintage ornate yellow watering can with black handle.  The watering can measures 15-1/4" from spout to handle. 9-1/4" tall to the top of the handle.  The diameter of the container at the base is about 5-1/4".  Unmarked.

Sold February 1, 2017 for $16.99 plus shipping.

yellow watering can

Yellow watering can.

yellow watering can handle detail

Yellow watering can, handle detail.

yellow watering can bottom

Yellow watering can, unmarked bottom.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

red makeup holder stand with mirror

Here is a space age make up module that acts as a holder and stand.

Sold March 10, 2017 on eBay for $28.95 plus shipping.

red makeup mirror and stand frontred makeup mirror and stand front openred makeup mirror and stand openred makeup mirror and stand top

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Randolph vanity stool | LeisureMod

Here is the Randolph vanity stool by LeisureMod.  LeisureMod is a direct importer and manufacturer of quality home and office furnishings.

LeisureMod logo

The Randolph vanity stool is made of polycarbonate in black, white, red, orange, and green.  The finish is matte and slightly textured.  Though it is sold as a stool, it is extremely versatile. The stool can be used as a side table, a convenient footrest, or even a coffee table for small spaces.  It is also stackable.  The base also provides a convenient cubby for magazines or books.  It can be used indoors or out.  It appears that the stool was first put on sale in 2014, but I couldn’t find further information or a designer.

The stool is available through sellers on eBay for $69, from retailers at $80 to $110.

LeisureMod Randolph vanity stool Black LeisureMod Randolph vanity stool white
LeisureMod Randolph vanity stool red LeisureMod Randolph vanity stool orange

LeisureMod Randolph vanity stool green

The stool measures 17” in height and has a triangular top that is 15-3/4” by 15-1/2”.  It weighs about 7 pounds.

Randolph vanity stool by LeisureMod schematic

Schematic of LeisureMod Randolph vanity stool.

LeisureMod Randolph vanity table side

LeisureMod Randolph vanity table side 2

Two side views of the LeisureMod Randolph vanity stool.  The coffee mug and coaster are provided for scale.  Please forgive the wires, I’m working on hiding them!

LeisureMod Randolph vanity table top

Top view of LeisureMod Randolph vanity stool.

LeisureMod Randolph vanity table front

Front view of LeisureMod Randolph vanity stool.

LeisureMod Randolph vanity table back

Rear view of LeisureMod Randolph vanity stool.

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