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4690 fioriera (flowerpot vase) | Giotto Stoppino | Kartell, Italy | 1972

Giotto Stoppino 4690 vaseGiotto Stoppino
Kartell, Italy, 1972

On March 9, 2000, Giotto Stoppino was honored by Poste Italiane by having a stamp issued featuring one of his designs.  The center right stamp shows the Quartetto sideboard designed by Lodovico Acerbis and Giotto Stoppino for Acerbis International (1991).

Italian design stamps

Previously, I featured the Deda vase by Stoppino for Heller.  This vase for Kartell is almost entirely different in form.  It is called “fioriera” or flowerpot.  It is made of injection molded ABS plastic.

Appropriate for long stemmed flowers, it consists of a vertical column with rounded ends sitting diagonal and perpendicular to the base.  Inside this column fits a plastic piece with twelve holes in it.  The twelve holes are 4.8 cm from the top of the vase.  Two smaller holes, 5 mm in diameter, the bottom of which are 6 cm from the top of the vase, will drain if the water gets too high.  The entire vase is 23 cm wide by 23 cm deep by 23 cm tall. I had seen it only in white until I saw one in orange at a Wright sale and one in black on eBay last year.

4690 vase, orange Giotto Stoppino 4690 vase for Kartell, in orange from Wright’s Utopia: Lost and Found auction April 1, 2008.  Realized $306 against an estimate of $200-300.

Image source, eBay.  This 4690 vase (black with original box) at €100 = $130 and other items are for sale at the eBay store of QUARUME.

4690 vase, white Image source: Retromodern.com (website currently unavailable).

A couple of years ago, I found one of these.  It’s still in a plastic bag inside the Kartell box and is nicely white. 

4690 vase, white 4690 vase box

My Stoppino 4690 vase.

4690 vase, bottom

Above:  The bottom of the vase.  There’s the injection molding stub, twice, “4690” embossed in the ovals, and the imprint shown below.

4690 vase imprint

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