Friday, February 13, 2009

Ciotola | Anna Castelli Ferrieri | Kartell, Italy | 1976

Anna Castelli Ferrieri Ciotola Anna Castelli Ferrieri
Kartell, Italy, 1976

Designed in 1976 by Anna Castelli Ferrieri and in production until 1981, these objects have definite similarities to the “Domed Containers” discussed previously here. The Ciotola, or bowl, series comes in a range of sizes and three colors, the colors of the Italian flag: green, white, and red, just as the domed containers do. This series is quite rare, too. Like the domed containers, they were also originally marketed with bases and lids as separate items. Flat lids and domed lids are interchangeable, so it is possible for bowls to be covered with domed lids, but this combination would be unusual. Both the bowls and flat lids are made from injection molded ABS.

The bowls are cylinders with a rounded base. A 2 mm raised, circular ridge at the bottom of the bowl (see image below) makes it appear like the bowl is floating on whatever surface it’s set on. There is an imprint on the bowl that reads:

Kartell ® 710X



Anna Castelli Ferrieri Ciotola imprint

Anna Castelli Ferrieri Ciotola box

Image source. For sale ¥6,800 = $75. 7102 bowl and box.

The flat lids are labeled:

Kartell ® 731X



I don’t know if a lid of any kind exists for the larger bowls, hence the “?” in the table below.

Kartell designations for Ciotola components

height diameter bowl flat lid domed lid
7 cm 12 cm 7101 7312 7322
8 cm 14 cm 7102 7313 7323
10 cm 18 cm 7103 7314 7324
12 cm 22 cm 7104 7315 7325
14 cm 26 cm 7105 ? ?
16 cm 30 cm 7106 ? ?

Anna Castelli Ferrieri Ciotola and boxesAnna Castelli Ferrieri Ciotola and boxesAbove: Three images from retromodern.com (website currently unavailable). Top two pictures, 6 x 7101 bowl and 7106 bowl $225. Bottom picture, 7104 bowl with 7315 flat lid $165.

Anna Castelli Ferrieri Ciotola and boxes7103 bowl in red, 7104 bowl in green, 7106 bowl in white. Note bowl color indicated by sticker.

Anna Castelli Ferrieri Flat lids and boxes7314 flat lids in white and red, 7315 flat lid in red.

More information about or images of this series would be greatly appreciated, especially the existence of larger sized bowls and flat lids.

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Unknown said...

I have several of these bowls for sale. I believe 4 of the 7101 and 2 of the 7104 (1 is slightly warped). In green. Thomsattic@gmail.com

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