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Cohndom condom box | Susan Cohn | Alessi, Italy | 1999

Susan Cohn Cohndom boxSusan Cohn
Alessi, Italy, 1999

Susan Cohn was born in Sydney, Australia in 1952. She is a metalsmith, specifically in silver and gold, artist, and designer who lives and works in Melbourne. She first trained and worked as a graphic designer, then completed her undergraduate work in silver and goldsmithing in 1980 and post-graduate studies in 1986 at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Since 1984 she has been sole director of Workshop 3000 (183 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000 Victoria), which she co-founded in 1980.

Among other accomplishments, she has served as President of Craft Victoria and has been inducted into the Design Institute of Australia Hall of Fame. In 1996 she worked at Canberra School of Art as the Australian National University 20th Anniversary Visiting Fellow. During 2001-2003, the National Gallery of Australia celebrated her work in a touring survey exhibition of her work from 1980-2000.

For a more complete list of accomplishments and activities, check out Cohn’s cv here. She was also the first Australian to have a product manufactured by Alessi.


That product, in 1999, was the Cohndom (not misspelled) box for the memory containers collection. At 6.2 by 6.2 cm, it is large enough to hold and protect one condom. It can be found in solid 18/10 stainless steel (below) which is still available from and on sale from a list price of $50 at Alessi marked down to $25. Alessi gives it the designation SC02 “portapreservativi.”

Cohndom box, stainless steel

I know what you’re thinking, “but it’s made of metal.” Well, the Cohndom box was also made in lime green, fuschia, and blue thermoplastic resin. It’s practical: the box insulates from body heat and prevents the abrasion that might occur in a wallet or purse. In plastic, it’s inexpensive: under $20. Cohndom box, fuschia Cohndom box
in fuschia.

The imprint on the back is difficult to make out:

Cohndom imprint


Smartly designed for ease of opening. If the imprint reads right-side up, the bottom left corner says “PRESS” and has a raised dot. This is because there is a corner notched out of the bottom of the box approximately 25 mm in length and up to 6 mm in depth. This opens the box right up when the press bump is pressed.

Cohndom insertAbove, The Cohndom box insert, both sides in one image:

Ever since safe sex has become fundamental for many people’s health and well-being, the way that condoms are carried and used has become an important topic in social debate. The aim of this project is to produce a container that is specifically designed for the condom, and at the same time is practical, inexpensive, easy to carry and open, and attractive to look at.

The Cohndom Box encourages the use of condoms because it is easy to carry. It fits in a trouser pocket, a wallet or a bag. It is discreet and ideal for both sexes – a simple, light, elegant square box that is easily opened at the press of a finger.

Cohndom box, greenCohndom box. Tucked tastefully and carefully under the bathroom sink. Ready at a moment’s notice.

Cohndom box and contentsCohndom Box and contents. Contents not included with purchase.


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