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Xes table | Edward Geluk | Goods, the Netherlands | 2003

Edward Geluk Xes table Edward Geluk
Goods, the Netherlands, 2003

Edward Geluk was born in 1951 in Arnhen, the Netherlands.  He trained at the AKI Academy for Visual Arts and Design in Enschede, the Netherlands and taught architecture there until 2006. He works as an interior architect and furniture designer. He prefers basic and elementary shapes in his designs.  Geluk has designed a variety of items, which can be found at his website, here.  A more complete cv is available there as well.

Xes tablePromotional picture for the Xes.  Image source: goods.nl

Xes is a very small table with a very heavy foot.  It is 13 cm in diameter and 65 cm in height.  It is available in two finishes, matte stainless steel and shiny, chrome plated stainless steel from Goods.  Cool, striking, uncommon, conversation starter, not just a table.  The small top is made of nylon, hence its eligibility to be presented here!


As a replacement or supplement for a coffee table, this table designed for a single glass or cup makes a modest but functional addition to any interior.  A luxury, yes, but oh so convenient.  It has a 2 mm deep divot with a diameter of 8.4 cm machined into the nylon to trap any spill and keep the glass centered.  Very smart.  When not in use, Xes can be set aside, so it’s never in the way.

I purchased my table from poaa.nl.  Friends of mine got two more.  All with good results.  Both models are on sale for €209 = $270.  But a little less outside Europe because the VAT is subtracted.  Shipping is also  reasonable.  Orders for the Xes table usually ship 1 to 2 weeks after placement but be patient, you know how ordering modern furniture can be.  You can get it elsewhere too, it is still in production.

Xes tablePromotional picture for the Xes.  Image source: goods.nl

Xes table tagXes table tagThis little tag is tied to the foot of the table when it arrives.

Xes table box label

Left:  The label on the cardboard box the Xes comes in.  The box was well beat up, but what can you expect from such a journey?

Xes table Moved from the other side of the loveseat for a more front-and-center appearance, the Xes table. 

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