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Cycloc bicycle storage device | Andrew Lang | Andrew Lang Product Design, United Kingdom | 2006

Andrew Lang Cycloc Andrew Lang
Andrew Lang Product Design, United Kingdom, 2006

Andrew Lang earned a BSc in Industrial Design Technology from Napier University of Edinburgh in 1992 and an MA in Industrial Design Engineering from Royal College of Art 2003.  He has received numerous awards for the Cycloc, including Plastics Industry Awards – Consumer Product Design of the Year and recognition from Time Magazine in 2006.  Coincidentally, he is in charge of Andrew Lang Product Design, Ltd.

Cycloc colors 

The Cycloc bicycle storage device is available in four colors, white (icicle), orange-red (popsicle), green (verticle), and black  (recycle) from Andrew Lang Product Design amongst other retailers.  The black Cycloc is produced from 100% recycled post-industrial MDPE (medium density polyethylene).  The other colors are made from virgin MDPE.  Additional colors are supposedly in the works.

Cycloc The Cycloc, in white.  Placed on a concrete column, it easily holds up my Badd racing BMX and gives plenty of room for the handlebars.  Be sure to consider your bars when mounting the Cycloc.  I measured this out before buying one.  I also measured out my bike to be reasonably sure I could make it work on such a compact frame.

Cycloc A closer view of the Cycloc.

Cycloc The hole through the top and bottom of the Cycloc can be used to lock up your bike with a standard cable lock.

As the Cycloc website says,

Cycloc is strongly constructed and fits a wide range of bike frames. A matching insert panel neatly conceals the fixings and slotted mounting holes allow Cycloc to rotate to suit the angle of the top tube – so your bike is stored horizontally.

Cycloc's built-in storage space is ideal for keeping lights, gloves and other cycling accessories, where you can find them.

The box contains three things:  the Cycloc itself, a bucket with two hook like appendages and a hole through the top and bottom, an inner cover panel that goes over the screws, and the installation template.  The box does not contain mounting screws/bolts, which you will need and which depend on the type of wall you plan to mount the Cycloc to.  Be patient and make sure you get the right bolts, or you will find yourself back at the hardware store.  You may also need extreme tools for the mounting.  I used a hammer drill to sink the holes and hit rebar once (on the third hole, of course).  It made it so I had to mount off-center.

One of the things I wanted to see in advance but that I couldn’t find anywhere were the installation instructions.  Note that there is a template associated with these instructions.  Do not use the template posted here.  It must be sized correctly with the holes on the back of the Cycloc or it will not work. 

Cycloc instructions Cycloc instructions

The Cycloc is available direct for £77 ($110) shipped to the United States.  Sellers in the US are charging $128 up to what looks like a standard $135.  The fasteners will cost you a few bucks extra.  There is no reason to grumble about the price.  This is a sturdy, functional unit that also has a graceful, artistic, modern form.  It is incomparable to your standard, run-of-the-mill metal rack. 


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