Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Infinity bottle holder | Ron Arad | Kartell, Italy | 1999

Ron Arad Infinity bottle holderRon Arad
Kartell, Italy, 1999

The Infinity bottle holder by Ron Arad for Kartell is a modular set of 16 identical hourglass shaped elements, each 9.5 cm tall, 5.7 cm wide, and 14.5 cm deep.  Yes it is a bottle holder and sure you could use it to stow your Perrier, but it just so happens wine bottles fit equally well.  They interlock easily by one sliding into the other in an almost endless variety.

Infinity schematicAbove:  The schematic of the bottle holder in one of its most common configurations, the pyramid (uses 15 of the 16 elements).  In this configuration, it is 18” wide by 18” tall by 6” deep.


Sets are interchangeable and multiple sets can be combined.   The sets are designated 7680 by Kartell and come in four colors, opaline white, yellow, orange, and blue.  They are made of batch dyed polypropylene.

Infinity bottle holder, four colors  Promotional image for the Infinity bottle holder in four colors.

Infinity element, joint

Above:  The joint that allows the infinity rack to be connected into infinity.  Below:  Two views of a single element.  The joint above runs the entire length of each of the four edges of the element and allows one to be slid into another.

Infinity element, side view

Infinity element, front view

I used to keep more wine in it but seeing as I have this rack situated on top of the kitchen cabinetry, I keep the storage to a minimum, usually no more than a couple of bottles.  The last thing I want is for the cabinets to come careening off the wall!

Infinity bottle holderInfinity bottle holder with the Philippe Starck Hot Bertaa kettle.

The Infinity bottle rack is still in production.  The 16 elements will set you back about $81 new.  Here’s an orange one at that price.  Highbrowfurniture.com has them in different colors on sale at $57 shipped.

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Cailli said...

i've been googling for modular plastic wine racks for over an hour now and almost thought they were out of existence, THANK YOU for your extremely useful info!

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