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Dark light | Jean Marie Massaud | Ligne Roset, France | 1999

Jean Marie Massaud Dark LightJean Marie Massaud
Ligne Roset, France, 1999

Dark LightThe Dark light table lamp by Jean Marie Massaud for Ligne Roset

Jean Marie Massaud was born in 1966 in Toulouse, France.  He graduated in 1990 from Les Ateliers, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Creation Industrielle (ENSCI, College of Industrial Arts) in Paris, France.

From a hansgrohe press release,

His collaboration with Marc Berthier and his work on town planning led him to meld design with architecture professionally. After creating the Studio Massaud with Daniel Pouzet in 2000, the pair developed such projects as the Tanabe House in Fukuoka, Japan.

Massaud has explored many different aspects of design: from industrial products to pieces of furniture.  Massaud also defines the architectural images of the Lancôme stores in Paris, New York and Hong Kong, and Renault’s booths at international auto shows.

His biggest architectural project to date was begun in 2004 and has been plagued by date opening setbacks: “Volcano,” the 45,500-seat football (s0ccer) stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico.

He is responsible for some absolutely stunning plastic designs.  One of my personal favorites is the 2005 Truffle seat for Porro, with or without base.  It lists at around $2,000.  Immediately reminded me of the Rougier tube lamp when I saw it at Domus (Atlanta). 

  Porro, green Porro, blackPorro, white 

Image Source:  designose.com, VIA.  VIA also has an exhibition of Massaud’s work here.

I don’t have a Truffle.  I don’t have the floor space!  But I do have the Dark light table lamp Massaud designed for Ligne Roset, which I actually got from Domus when I found one on sale there a couple of years ago.  I could not pass it up.  It’s no longer available from Ligne Roset.

Bulpren foamTexture of Bulpren Foam

The table lamp is 50 cm tall by 32 cm by 32 cm.  There is also a floor lamp version.  It has a steel base and stem finished in anodized aluminum.  The shade is in black, reticulated, entirely open-celled Bulpren foam that lets through only pinpricks of light.  Bulpren foam is made of polyurethane and more technical information can be found here.  It can be repeatedly shaken, washed, and rinsed and is very resilient to damage, so dusting is no problem even though it looks fragile.  Industrially, it is often used as a filter. 

Dark light, night Night view of Massaud’s Dark light.  It throws very cool patterns.

Dark light Another night shot, originally shot to show the Xes table (foreground), this picture does an equally nice job of putting the Dark light to scale (background).


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