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Mutant materials in contemporary design | Paola Antonelli, editor | Museum of Modern Art, publisher | 1995 | PART 2

Mutant materials in contemporary design, Paola AntonelliPaola Antonelli
The Museum of Modern Art, United States of America, 1995

What follows is an alphabetical listing by designer of the plastic items in the “Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design” exhibition.  The date of manufacture is followed by design development date in parentheses.

AT&T Global Information Solutions Design Integrity Center
Donald Carr of AT&T Consulting Design Group. American, b. 1959
“PalmMouse” Computer Pointing Device. (1992) p. 32
Injection-molded polycarbonate body, Santoprene® thermoplastic elastomer saddle, and copper and acetate antenna
Prototype by AT&T Global Information Solutions, United States
Lent by Donald Carr, Dayton, Ohio

Ron Arad. British, b. Israel 1951
“Bookworm” Bookshelves. 1994 (1993)
Bulk-dyed extruded and injection-molded thermoplastic polymer
Manufactured by Kartell S.p.a., Italy
Lent by Kartell S.p.a., Milan

Authentics artipresent GmbH
Hans Maier-Aichen. German, b. 1940
“LIP” Wastepaper Baskets. 1993 (1993)
Injection-molded polypropylene
Manufactured by Authentics artipresent GmbH, Germany
Lent by Authentics artipresent GmbH, Holzgerlingen, Germany

Bausch & Lomb Product Development
“Killer Loop Xtreme Pro” Sunglasses. 1994 (1994) p. 23
DiamondHard® (amorphous-diamond) coating on die-cast polycarbonate lenses and Megol® elastomer
Manufactured by Bausch & Lomb, Inc., United States
Lent by Bausch & Lomb, Inc., Rochester, N.Y.

Santina Bonini. Italian, b. 1961
Ernesto Spicciolato. Italian, b. 1957
“Arctic Series” Bathroom Accessories. 1994 (1994)
Polyester resin
Manufactured by Gedy S.p.a., Italy
Lent by Gedy, S.p.a., Varedo, Italy

Chevron Chemical Co.
Polyethylene Pellets. 1984 (1984)
Manufactured by Chevron Chemical Co., United States
Lent by Chevron Chemical Co., Orange, Tex.

Antonio Citterio. Italian, b. 1950
Glen Oliver Löw. German, b. 1959
“Mobil” Container System. 1994 (1993) p. 29
Bulk-dyed thermoplastic polymer containers and chrome- or aluminum-colored steel frame and handles
Manufactured by Kartell S.p.a., Italy
Lent by Kartell S.p.a., Milan

Celina Clarke. Australian, b. 1967
Simon Christopher. Australian, b. 1967
“Madame Ruby” Lighting Fixture. 1994 (1994)
Compression-molded recycled polycarbonate-acrylic automotive taillights
Manufactured by ism objects, Australia
Lent by ism objects, Australia

Gino Colombini. Italian, b. 1915
Wastebaskets. 1993 (1968) p. 40
Injection-molded 100% recycled plastics
Manufactured by Kartell S.p.a., Italy
Lent by Kartell S.p.a., Milan

Domus Academy Research Center
Karim Azzabi, Michele Barro, Esperanza Nunez Castain, Anna Castelli Ferrieri, Antonio Petrillo, and Andres Salas Acosta
“Neolite” Multipurpose Material. 1991 (1991) p. 40
100% heterogeneous recycled plastics
Manufactured by Montedipe/RPE (now Consortium Replastic), Italy
Lent by Domus Academy, Assago, Italy, and Consortium Replastic, Rome

Du Pont Polymer Products
Acetal-elastomer-thermoplastic alloy
Polyester-elastomer blend
Nylon-elastomer blend
Manufactured by Du Pont Polymer Products, United States
Lent by Du Pont Polymer Products, Wilmington, Del.

Renate Eilert. German, b. 1964
“Bzzuno” Syringe. (1990)
Injection-molded polypropylene housing, stainless-steel needle, and rubber piston ring
Prototype by Neste Oy, Finland, and Renate Eilert Design, France
Lent by Renate Eilert, Vallans, France

EnviroSafe Products, Inc.
DuraPlast. 1989 (1989) p. 40
High-density and low-density recycled plastics
EnviroBoard. 1989 (1989) p. 40
Recycled plastics and wood-dust composite
Manufactured by EnviroSafe Products, Inc., United States
Lent by EnviroSafe Products, Inc., New York

Bob Evans. American, b. 1950
“Tan Delta Force Fin®” Diving Fins. 1994 (1994) p. 23
Liquid-cast heat-cured Uniroyal flexible polyurethane
Manufactured by Bob Evans Designs, Inc., United States
Lent by Bob Evans Designs, Inc., Santa Barbara

Joseph Forakis. American, b. 1962
“Havana” Hanging Lighting Fixture. 1993 (1993)
Blown polyethylene
Manufactured by Foscarini Murano S.p.a., Italy
Lent by Foscarini Murano S.p.a., Italy

“Ultratech” Orthopedic Knee Brace. 1992 (1991)
Injection-molded post-formable polycarbonate
Manufactured by Biedermann Motech GmbH, Germany
Lent by frogdesign, Sunnyvale, Calif., and Biedermann Motech GmbH, Schweningen, Germany

Donald Terry Goodall. British, b. 1924
Threadless Medical Specimen Container. 1994 (1993)
Injection-molded polypropylene
Manufactured by Lekod Pty., Ltd., Australia
Lent by Donald Goodall, Blakehurst, Australia

Laura Handler. American, b. 1954
Dennis Decker. American, b. 1954
Amanda Honig Magalhaes. American, b. 1968
“Gallery Glass” Goblets. 1993 (1992) p. 22
Die-cast, ultrasonic-sealed acrylic resin
Manufactured by Metrokane, Inc., United States
Lent by Metrokane, Inc., New York

IDEO Product Development
Paul Bradley. American, b. 1960
Lawrence Lam. American, b. 1960
“3-D Mouse” Computer Pointing Device. 1991 (1991) p. 33
Injection-molded ABS (acrylonitrite-butadene-styrene)
Manufactured by Logitech, Inc., United States
Lent by Logitech, Inc., Fremont, Calif.

IDEO Product Development
Tim Brown. British, b. 1962
Naoto Fukasawa. Japanese, b. 1956
Paul Howard. American, b. 1955
Computer Processor Stand. 1991 (1990) p. 37
Injection-molded high-impact polystyrene
Manufactured by Technology Molded Plastics (now Hartzell, Inc.), United States
Lent by Details, New York

IDEO Product Development
Christopher Lada. American, b. 1952
Christopher Loew. American, b. 1963
Lawrence Schubert. American, b. 1962
“Proset” Professional Telephone Headset. 1993(1991) p. 33
Injection-molded ABS-polycarbonate blend, acetal, insert-molded thermoplastic elastomers, stainless steel, and brass
Manufactured by Unex Corporation, United States
Lent by IDEO Product Development, Palo Alto

Yoshiyuki Kondo of Kondo Eye Institute. Japanese, b. 1955
Tsutomu Sunada of IOL Division, Nidek Co., Ltd. Japanese, b. 1963
Yuji Tsuchikawa of IOL Division, Nidek Co., Ltd. Japanese, b. 1949
One-piece Posterior Chamber Lens with UV-absorbing NR-84K Lens.
Perspex® PMMA (polymethyl-methacrylate)
Manufactured by Nidek Co., Ltd., Japan
Lent by Nidek Co., Ltd., Aichi, Japan

Masayuki Kurokawa. Japanese, b. 1937
“Fieno” Scuba (Self-contained Underwater Re-Breathing Apparatus). 1994 (1993) p. 39
Injection-molded polycarbonate-polyester blend
Manufactured by Grand Bleu, Inc., Japan
Lent by Masayuki Kurokawa, Tokyo

Stefan Lindfors. Finnish, b. 1962
“Oil” One-liter and Four-liter Gasoline Cans. (1993) p. 38
Blow-molded polyethylene
Prototype by Neste Oy, Finland
Lent by Stefan Lindfors, Kansas City, Mo.

MAP International
Christopher Connell. Australian, b. 1954
“Plaky” Table. 1993 (1992) p. 42
Recycled ABS-polycarbonate blend and anodized aluminum
Manufactured by MAP (Merchants of Australian Products Pty., Ltd.), Australia
Lent by MAP, Melbourne

Enzo Mari. Italian, b. 1932
“Flores” Box. 1992 (1991) p. 28
Thermoplastic polymer
Manufactured by Danese S.r.l., Italy
Lent by Danese S.r.l., Grumello del Monte, Italy

Mazda Motor Corporation.
“MX5 Miata” Automobile Taillights. 1988 (1983) pp. 24-25 
Double-shot injection-molded acrylic-resin lens, injection-molded polypropylene reflector, and other materials
Manufactured by Mazda Motor Corporation, Japan
Lent by Mazda Motor Corporation, Irvine, Calif.

Paul Montgomery. American, b. 1959
Herbert Pfeiffer. German, b. 1949
“MouseMan® Cordless” Computer Pointing Device. 1993 (1993) p. 32
Injection-molded ABS
Manufactured by Logitech, Inc., United States
Lent by Logitech, Inc., Fremont, Calif.

Jasper Morrison. British, b. 1959
“Bottle” Storage Module. 1994 (1993) p. 29
Injection-molded polypropylene and anodized aluminum
Manufactured by Magis S.r.l., Italy
Lent by Magis S.r.l., Motta Livenza, Italy

Ninaber/Peters/Krouwel Industrial Design
Bruno Ninaber van Eyben. Dutch, b. 1950
Ruler. 1990 (1990) p. 31
Injection-molded Tampoprinted (pad-printed) ABS and evoprene elastomer
Manufactured by Randstad Uitzendbureau bv, The Netherlands
Lent by Ninaber/Peters/Krouwel Industrial Design, Leiden

Doug Patton. American, b. 1953
“Palm-Mate” Universal Remote Control. 1993 (1992)
ABS and acrylic
Manufactured by Go Video, Inc., United States
Lent by Go Video, Inc., Scottsdale, Ariz.

Pentagram Design
Daniel Weil. British, b. Argentina 1953
Compact-disk Packagings for Very and Very Relentless Albums by Pet Shop Boys. 1993 (1993) p. 26
Injection-molded polysterene
Manufactured by EMI Records, Great Britain
Lent by Pentagram Design, Ltd., London

Gordon Randall Perry. American, b. 1943
Richard Feinbloom. American, b. 1948
“ClearVision II” Hand-held Magnifiers. 1994 (1994) p. 34
Die-cast urethane and glass
Manufactured by Designs for Vision, Inc., United States
Lent by Gordon Randall Perry, New York

Gaetano Pesce. Italian, b. 1939
“Table Made with Music.” (1988) p. 27
Cured reactive-molded polyurethane-resin top surface and steel legs
Prototype by Bernini S.p.a., Italy
Lent by Bernini S.p.a., Carate Brianza, Italy
“Seaweed” Chair. (1991) p. 43
Resin-impregnated shredded fabrics
Prototype by Pesce, Ltd., United States
Lent by Peter Joseph Gallery, New York
Low Stools or Ottomans. (1994) p. 43
Resin-impregnated shredded fabrics
Prototype by Pesce, Ltd., United States
Lent by Ruth Shuman, New York

Purdue University
Steve Visser. American, b. 1959
Miro Tasic. American, b. 1968
Ashok Midha. Indian, b. 1946
“Compliers” Flexural Fishing Pliers. 1995 (1992) p. 35
Injection-molded Delrin®
Manufactured by Compliers, Inc., United States
Lent by Steve Visser, West Lafayette, Ind.

Sanford Redmond. American, b. 1924
“dispenSRpak” Packaging. 1987 (1986) p. 38
High-density polyethylene and other thermoplastics
Lent by Sanford Redmond, New York

Rollerblade Research and Development and Nordica S.p.a.
“Aeroblade® ABT®” In-line Skate. 1993 (1992) p. 36
BladeLite™ polyurethane shell, glass-reinforced nylon frame, foam padding, and other materials
Manufactured by Rollerblade, Inc., United States
Lent by Rollerblade, Inc., Minnetonka, Minn.

Mark Sanders. British, b. 1958
“No-Spill” Chopping Board. 1990 (1988) p. 31
Injection-molded polypropylene
Manufactured by Rubycliff, Ltd., Great Britain
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, gift of the designer

Studio X
Ross Lovegrove. British, b. 1958
“Figure of Eight” Side Chair. 1994 (1993) p. 30
Die-cast polyurethane seat, stainless-steel frame, and nylon feet
Manufactured by Cappellini S.p.a., Italy
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, gift of the manufacturer

Syn S.r.l.
Giorgio Gurioli. Italian, b. 1957
Francesco Scansetti. Italian, b. 1955
“Noce” Nutcracker. 1993 (1992) p. 34
Injection-molded glass-reinforced nylon
Manufactured by Outlook-Zelco Europe S.r.l., Italy
Lent by Zelco Industries, Inc., Mt. Vernon, N.Y.

TV and Video Systems Group Design Center
Seiji Kurokawa. Japanese, b. 1961
Fumitoshi Sakata. Japanese, b. 1958
Tetsuya Tsujimura. Japanese, b. 1966
“Twin Cam VL-MX7U” 8mm Video Camera. 1991 (1990)
Molded ABS, aluminum, and other materials
Manufactured by Sharp Corporation, Japan
Lent by Sharp Electronics Corporation, Mahwah, N.J.

Vent Design
Stephen Peart. British, b. 1958
“Enterprise” Earmounted Telephone Headset. 1993 (1993) p. 33
Injection-molded polycarbonate and stamped metal
Manufactured by Plantronics, Inc., United States
Lent by Plantronics, Inc., Santa Cruz

Yemm & Hart, Ltd.
“HDPE #2” Plastics. 1989 (1989)
Compression-molded recycled polyethylene
Manufactured by Yemm & Hart, Ltd., United States
Lent by Yemm & Hart, Ltd., Marquand, Mo.

Ziba Design
Kuni Masuda. Japanese
Mark Stella. American
Sohrab Vossoughi. Iranian
“World Class 300 Series” Fishing Reel. 1993 (1992) p. 36
Injection-molded glass-filled nylon and spun aluminum
Manufactured by Fenwick, Inc., United States
Lent by Fenwick, Inc., Huntington Beach, Calif.


Antonelli, P., ed. (1995). Mutant materials in contemporary design. New York, NY: Museum of Modern Art, NY.

Antonelli, P., (1995). Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design. Retrieved April 10, 2009, from Museum of Modern art Web site: http://www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/1995/mutantmaterials/checklist.html

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