Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nello il Matto container | Corrado Tibaldi | Serralunga, Italy | 2005

Corrado , Nello il MattoCorrado Tibaldi
Serralunga, Italy, 2005

Corrado Tibaldi was born in Torino, Italy in 1972.  He trained as an architect at the Politecnico di Torino, then entered the Design Product course directed by Ron Arad at the Royal College of Art in London.  He is currently a member of the OAT (Ordine Architetti Pianificatori Paessaggisti e Conservatori della Provincia di Torino) and Registered Architect to the Italian Architects Registration Board.  His architecture and design works range from customized, one-off pieces for demanding private clients to technical corporate consultantcy.  He lives and works in Torino, Italy and Geneva, Switzerland.  Visit Tibaldi’s web presence here.

Nello il matto is a modular, multipurpose container that can be stacked and mounted horizontally or vertically in an infinite variety of ways.  The containers come in seamless one, two, or three hole blocks.  Each container is 24.5 cm deep by 24.5 cm high with the 1 hole 24.5 cm wide, the 2 hole 49 cm wide, and the 3 hole 73 cm wide.  They are made of polyethylene.  For the data sheet on the Nello il Matto, click here.

Nello il Matto, Serralunga catalog Nello il Matto entry from the 2006 Serralunga catalog.

These containers look like gigantic Legos!  The manufacturing process uses a unique rotational molding technique, giving an attractive and extremely durable finish.  About $90 for the one hole, $135 for the two hole, and $165 for the three hole.  Anyone know where to find them? 

Nello il Matto promotional image

Promotional image for the Nello il Matto.


Tibaldi, C., (2005). Nello il Matto. Retrieved May 11, 2009, from Nello il Matto Web site: http://www.nelloilmatto.com/

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