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Pot-au-mur planter | Nicolas Le Moigne | Serralunga, Italy | 2003

potaumirNicolas Le Moigne
Serralunga, Italy, 2003

Born June 9, 1979, Nicolas Le Moigne now lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland.  He had the opportunity to be a professional fencer, his father being the trainer for the Swiss national team in 1988 and 1992.  He earned an Industrial Design Masters from École Cantonale d’Art Lausanne (ECAL) and saw several of his designs in production before graduation. 

The Pot-au-mur is a planter pot that uses the wall as a supporting surface. When placed flush against the wall or affixed to a wall with appropriate hardware, the vase appears to be seamlessly growing out of the surface. There are two versions of the Pot-au-mur, one with and one without a light.

Similar in concept to a wall sconce, the Pot-au-mur  makes use of the periphery so as to conserve central floor space. Perfectly balanced, it can also stand alone for back-to-back placement. The planter is not intended for mounting above the floor surface. The Pot-au-mur is made of roto-molded polyethylene.  This provides consistent wall thickness and stress-free corners and a design that can be left outdoors year-round without cracking or fading.


Pot au mur entry from the 2006 Serralunga catalog.

Designed as a cachepot, the Pot-au-mur does not have drainage holes and requires a standard liner. The space at the bottom of the vase can be filled with pebbles or rocks to allow drained water to evaporate. Hardware is included for drywall installation.  The pot is an ample 45 cm (15.75”) in diameter by 45 cm (36”) in height.

 image The pot au mur, unlit (left) and lighted (right), both against wall from the 2008 Serralunga catalog, p. 74-75.  Download the 2008 Serralunga catalog here.

image The back side of the Pot au mur, which can be attached to a wall.  Image source.


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