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Ribbed Pot, Roe Bowl, XYZ Pot | The Southern Patio Innovation Lab | Southern Patio, Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America | 2009

I’ve been looking everywhere for a planter that looks as good as some of the others I’ve found that I really like.  My next posts will cover some of my favorite planter designs.  Serralunga is definitely the standard-setter when it comes to cool looking, though pricy, planters.  What I wasn’t looking for during my search was a struggle with cost or rarity.  I like to think I have  a bit of a green thumb, so my plants really do grow.  This means every year or two they need a new pot.  As fantastic as they are, I don’t want to shell out a lot of money for a lacquered “Top Pot” just for it to be outgrown.

Southern Patio

This week, I happened to stumble on the HDR (High Density Resin) line of planters from Southern Patio at the Home Depot.  I’ve been to the Home Depot pot-shopping before, and never with any luck.  But then I found these!  I also spied a couple of them as accessories at the Pedini store here in Atlanta, too.  Southern Patio describes these recyclable, injection/blow/roto-molded pots as follows:

Our line of HDR planters utilizes cutting-edge techniques to produce a superior quality, high-density planter with precise coloration, textures and finishes. Crafted from durable, high-density resins, they closely resemble natural, more expensive materials.

Durability and affordability are hallmarks of all Southern Patio™ HDR products. Resistant to cracking from winter frost, our planters also contain UV protectors.

Front of attachment Back of attachment Informational tag on the pots.

You can get them in three styles, the XYZ pot, the Roe Bowl, and the Ribbed pot.  They come in six colors, Amethyst, Ceramic, Limeade, Radiance, Raspberry, and Vivid Blue.  I got the XYZ in 13” diameter, the Roe in 15” diameter, and the Ribbed in 18” diameter.  The ribbed also comes in a larger 22” diameter size.  I really only needed two but got an extra one just because I figure these won’t be around forever.  The best news is the price.  These are an absolute deal!  The 13” XYZ, $12.98.  The 15” Roe, $19.98.  The 18” Ribbed, $24.98.

XYZ Pot, RadienceXYZ Pot in “Radiance” (orange).  It is now the home to one of my orchids, which has gone crazy and recently finished flowering.

Roe Bowl, Vivid Blue Roe bowl in “Vivid Blue.”  It is now the home to my Money Tree, which has been losing some of its leaves.  I hope a bigger pot will help to fix that.

Bottom of Limeade Ribbed PotThe bottom of the “Limeade” (chartreuse) planter.  This picture has been contrast enhanced to bring out the text.


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