Monday, June 1, 2009

Programma Vastill planters | Michael McCann | Vastill, Italy | 1970s

I wish I had more information about this design by Michael McCann circa 1970.  Alas, I haven’t been able to find much.  I guess 1970s because it’s what I’ve seen and that the “Vastill” name was registered in the early 70s.  I have only seen these in two colors, yellow and orange, though it’s entirely possible it was made in more.

Each model comes in three sizes.  There is a planter portion with drain holes and a similar shaped base that serves as a cache.  The planter and cache are detachable.  Smaller sizes nest within larger sizes as shown below.  The largest size, “Big,” has wheels which makes it mobile and is 32.0 cm wide by 31.0 cm deep by 27.0 cm tall.  The middle size, “Junior,” is 16.5 cm by 16.5 cm by 8.3 cm tall.  The smallest size, “Baby,” is 12.1 cm by 12.1 cm by 8.9 cm tall.

The planters that are the subject of this post were designed by Michael McCann.  Another (which happens to be one I have) is by Gianni Celada.  There are also similar planters by Vastill that are round and square by Nina Balsari.

Orange Vastill planter, model "Big" Orange Vastill planter, model "Big" Stamp, Orange Vastill planter, model "Big"Image source.  Programma Vastill “Big” in orange.  Item is for sale, 25,200 ¥ ($265).  Lower image is the imprint.  An example of the small version “Baby” recently sold in orange on eBay for C$28 ($24.85).

 Yellow Vastill planters, three models Yellow Vastill planters, three models Stamp, Yellow Vastill planter, model "Big" Image source:  eBay, Modgasm.  Programma Vastill three sizes in yellow.  Upper left shows the planters nested.  Lower image is the imprint and original sticker.  These planters are for sale.

 Yellow Vastill planter, model "Scarabeo" Yellow Vastill planter, model "Scarabeo"  Stamp, Yellow Vastill planter, model "Scarabeo" Image source:  eBay.  Programma Vastill “Scarabeo” in yellow.  This item sold for in the neighborhood of $30.  Lower image is the imprint.

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