Thursday, June 25, 2009

Soda cocktail shaker | Carl Öjerstam, Chris Martin, and Magnus Elebäck | IKEA, Sweden | 2000s

ikeashaker copyCarl Öjerstam
Chris Martin
Magnus Elebäck
IKEA, Sweden, 2000s

The point of the cocktail shaker is to mix the ingredients and chill them before pouring them into an iceless glass.  So by that definition, and just about any other, this shaker works.  And it works with style.  I personally witnessed a bartender at one of those swanky bars mixing drinks with one of these once, so what do you think about that?  Just be careful not to bruise your gin with this shaker because your hands won’t get cold and warn you to stop like a metal shaker will. The shaker is 9” tall and comes in three parts like most traditional shakers:  a tumbler, a strainer, and a cap.  The bottom of the tumbler is marked:

SODA Made in P. Rep of China 20052


Design and Quality
IKEA of Sweden

image I feel like I’m doing gravestone rubbings here!  I couldn’t get the imprint on the shaker to show up too well so I highlighted it in pencil.

With this set from IKEA, you didn’t just get the shaker, but also a 2 3/4” measure, an 8” stirrer, and two pour spouts.  If I remember right, all for under $10.  It’s not available anymore, but I have seen a new set on eBay for $16 with free shipping. 

ikeashaker IKEA red shaker and accessories.

The red transparent material that comprises the majority of the set is the thermoplastic SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile). SAN is cheaper than but less transparent than acrylic.  It has  a slightly blue/gray tint without added dyes.  Silicone rubber is used in the seals on the pourers. 

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