Monday, July 13, 2009

L’Utopie du tout Plastique 1960 – 1973 | Philippe Decelle | Fondation pour l’Architecture, publisher | 1994 | PART 1

decelle plastique Philippe Decelle
Diane Hennebert
Pierre Loze 
Fondation pour l’Architecture, Bruxelles, Belgium, 1994

Other than maybe living on the set of “The Price is Right” I can’t imagine anything quite as fabulous as the Plasticarium.  It’s a museum, it’s a house, it’s open for guided tours.   Located at Rue de Locquenghien 35, 1000 Bruxelles (Brussels), Belgium (Map) telephone +32 (0) 2 344 98 21, it is the epicenter of all things pop plastic and the setting for the book L’Utopie du tout Plastique 1960-1973.

A YouTube video introduction to Philippe Decelle and his Plasticarium.

Out of print and often very expensive, the book is a bible of sorts for plastic collectors.  Though readily available, it’s difficult to find for less than $100.  Best bet:  keep an eye out for an eBay auction with no reserve and still expect to pay $60 or so.  The book is a comprehensive package of plastic items it’s just a shame aren’t in production any more.  Any fan of plastic design is going to find something on every page to put on their “want list.”

The book is divided into sections.

Functional furniture
Inflatable PVC
Transparent PMMA
Pop and radical design
Mod fashions

My next posts are going to cover the objects from the L’Utopie book.  In some cases, I’ve tried to assemble some additional information from other sources.  The first post will cover the art objects in the book.

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Unknown said...

oh wow! - this is so going to link on David's facebook! Fantastique! I can see why it rivals the price is right. I love the picture at 50 seconds!

pieterjan said...

if you visit the plasticarium, you can buy the book there. I'm glad to live in Belgium!

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