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Dish Doctor dishrack | Marc Newson | Magis, Italy | 1998

newsonddMarc Newson
Magis, Italy, 1998

Marc Newson was previously featured on this blog for his “Titan” soap dish.  The Dish Doctor is a fashionable and practical dishrack made from injection molded polypropylene by Magis.

Magis logo

It comes in two separable pieces, one for drying the dishes and one for collecting the drained water.  At approximately 16 inches wide by 18 inches long by 4 inches tall (39 cm by 46 cm by 10 cm, see the schematic below), it is small enough to fit comfortably on the counter but big enough to handle the drying needs that follow a good-sized meal:  spikes to hold the dishes and two cups for cutlery.  I can vouch for the fact that not only does it look great, but it’s functional too!

Dish Doctor schematicsSchematics and color availability for the Dish Doctor.

About the Dish Doctor, Newson said,

“I controlled every aspect of this project, even the packaging, and it was an instant hit. It used rapid prototyping technology to go virtually straight from the screen to tooling without any modifications. It is made from the same polypropylene as ordinary dishracks, but Magis’ production standards are so high that the finish is beautiful.”

It is available in three color schemes:  orange with green tips, green with orange tips, and white with blue tips.  Also it is made in translucent clear.

Dish Doctor packaging

Dish Doctor in white with blue tips, original packaging, and insert.  Image source:  eBay

It can also still be purchased new.  Prices are around $70 online and retailers still have all the colors in stock.  Shipping will add to the price, though.  There is also generally a lot of interest when these come up on eBay.  A NIB Dish Doctor in white with blue tips sold 10/11/09 after 9 bids for $51 with $15 shipping.

Dish Doctor, promotional image Promotional image, Dish Doctor.

Dish Doctor, promotional image Promotional image, clear Dish Doctor.

Dish Doctor, promotional image

Promotional image, Dish Doctor.


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