Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lumitime clock | Various designers | Tamura Electric Corp., Japan | ca. 1970 | UPDATE

Lumitime Various designers
Tamura Electric Corp., Japan, ca. 1970

An update to my post of March 23, 2009, specifically the CC-11 Lumitime clock.  Here is a CC-11 with the original box.  These generally provoke quite a bit of interest on eBay, and it’s been a while since one has shown up.  This Lumitime clock attracted 15 bids and a hammer price of $137.06.

Lumitime auction end screenshot eBay final bid screenshot for the Lumitime CC-11 clock.

CC-11 Lumitime clock with box           Lumitime CC-11 with original box.  Image source:  eBay.

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