Friday, January 29, 2010

One word of advice: Plastics | Dorothy Wise | New York Magazine, publisher | 1968

From the pages of the  November 11, 1968 issue of New York Magazine comes this article, “One word of advice: Plastics,” photographed by Dick Swift.

The article begins (in retrospect, humorously):  That helpful family friend who told Dustin Hoffman out by the pool in The Graduate that “I’ve only got one word of advice for you, son: plastics” could have been talking about the newest trend in furniture…

New York 11/11/68 p. 45New York 11/11/68 p. 46New York 11/11/68 p. 47


Wise, D. K. (1968, November 11). One word of advice: Plastics. New York Magazine, 1(32), 45-47.

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