Friday, February 5, 2010

Droog Design: Spirit of the Nineties | Renny Ramakers and Gijs Bakker, editors | 010 Publishers, publisher | 1998

Droog Design was co-founded in Amsterdam by product designer Gijs Bakker and design historian Renny Ramakers in 1993.  In that year, they showed 14 objects at the Milan Furniture Fair that made them an instant hit.  It’s not all plastic, but there’s enough here and there throughout this book’s 139 pages – and enough other immediately recognizable design – that you should take a look.  This book is out of print from 010 Publishers where it was €32.50.  At amazon, it is $80 from the cheapest seller.  Check out the entire contents here or below.Droog Design logoFind out more about Droog and its work at droog.com.


Ramakers, R. and Bakker, G., eds. (1998). Droog Design:  Spirit of the nineties.  Rotterdam, The Netherlands: 010 Publishers.

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Unknown said...

I like how you can post the whole book in your blog - very cool! I especially liked the Frank Tjepkema artificial plant!! Lifeless and permanent, no more dropped leaves! Thanks for putting that book up - enjoyed it.

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