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Plano table | Giancarlo Piretti | Anonima Castelli, Italy | 1971

Giancarlo PirettiGiancarlo Piretti
Anonima Castelli, Italy, 1971

The Plano table forms part of the PL series of furnishings designed by Piretti for Anonima Castelli throughout the '60s and into the early '70s. Other designs include the Plia chair, Plona chair, Pluff stool, Platone desk, Planta coat rack and Pluvium umbrella stand.  In 1972 Piretti participated at the exhibition “Italy: the New Domestic Landscape” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York with Plano, Plona, Plia, and Platone.

Plona chairPlona chair.  Image source:  Adesso at 1stdibs.

The Plano table by Giancarlo Piretti was released in two models, one with a round top 72 cm tall and 95 cm in diameter (1971) and another with a square top 72 cm tall and 85 cm on a side (1978).  The table is constructed of reinforced polyester in four sections and diecast aluminium. The legs spread open like a fan, then the four leaf sections are lifted up and lock into place via a spring loaded mechanism. The diecast feet end in plastic glides for mobility.

 Plano table US Patent

The first page of the United States “Folding Table” patent, number 3,779,176. The rest of the patent can be found here.  This is a detailed patent with numerous illustrations of the table and mechanisms.

Round top Plano table

Plano table, white Plano table, white Plano table, white

Plano table, original box The Plano folding table in white in various stages of folding.  Lower picture, the original box.  Image source:  eBay.

Plano table, brown Plano table, brown
Plano table, brown Plano table, brown
The Plano folding table in brown in various stages of folding.  Image source:  1stdibs seller Collage 20th Century Classics.  Item is for sale at $ 2,800.

Plano table, greenPlano table, greenPlano table, greenPlano table, green

Plano table, greenThe Plano folding table in green in various stages of folding.  At upper left is the label on the table.  Image source:  1stdibs seller Gallery 33.  Item is for sale at $4,400 (with 4 Plia chairs).

Plano table, red

The Plano folding table in red.  Image source:  Arcadja Auctions.

Square top Plano tableSquare top Plano table Image source:  Sourcebook of modern furniture (Jerryll Habegger, Joseph H. Osman, p. 218).

Square top Plano table, black Image source:  506070 Design.  Item for sale in Australia, P.O.R.

Square top Plano table, green Image source:  WorthPoint.

Selected Bibliography

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