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Stone stool | Marcel Wanders | Kartell, Italy | 2006

Marcel Wanders Stone stoolMarcel Wanders
Kartell, Italy

Marcel Wanders was born on July 2, 1963 and grew up in Boxtel, the Netherlands.  He graduated cum laude from the School of the Arts Arnhem in 1988.  Marcel Wanders was one of the first designers for Droog and is art director and co-founder of moooi.

The Stone Stool, designed by Marcel Wanders for Kartell, has a gem-like symmetrical linear shape, reminiscent of an hourglass. Its surface is an irregular array of facets which reflect the light and create a striking and unique play of colors, like a cut diamond.

Stone stool Kartell Promotional image:  Stone stool.

Stone is 45 cm tall by 30 cm in diameter and lists for $245.  Here is Marcel Wanders’ website for the Stone stool.  You can see a 360 degree view of the stone stool here.

Marcel Wanders logo

The Stone Stool is made in a single mold of batch dyed polycarbonate, is strong and rigid, scratch and weather resistant, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Because of its jewel-like nature, Stone is offered in the colors of precious stones: crystal (diamond), yellow (tourmaline), amber (topaz), smoke (onyx), blue (sapphire), and red (ruby).

Space window displayThe blue in particular is spectacular.  It’s in the window display of Space right now with a Frilly chair (also in polycarbonate) by Particia Urquiola for Kartell.

Techincal data sheet for Stone stool

Technical data sheet for the Stone stool.

Stone stool, green Stone stool in green (emerald).  Image source: mocoloco.com

It’s given the designation 8800 by Kartell.  I wonder what Olaf von Bohr would have to say about that…considering 8800 is the designation for his bed tray (which will be the focus of a future post).  I think the Stone stool has some similarity to the Optic storage cube by Patrick Jouin, also for Kartell and that they would look great paired together.  The Optic storage cube is made of PMMA.

Optic storage cube  Kartell Promotional image:  Optic storage cube.


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