Thursday, April 22, 2010

4675 Portariviste | Giotto Stoppino | Kartell, Italy | 1972

Giotto Stoppino 4675 PortarivisteGiotto Stoppino
Kartell, Italy, 1972

I’ve had this entry in the pipeline for some time, waiting until I could find as many colors of this magazine rack as I could before posting.  This post is specific to the 4675 Portariviste, my post of December 21, 2009 focused on the 4676.  The similarities between the two are obvious.

Stoppino 4675 magazine rackContemporary Kartell image of the 4675 (left) and 4676 (right) magazine racks.  Image source:  Kartell Museum.

WhiteKartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack,whiteKartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack,white Image source: eBay user schein-trug.  Item sold 11/22/2009 in Germany.  16 bids and a hammer price of 94 € ($ 134 ).

RedKartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack,redKartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack,red

Image source:  Auktionskompaniet.com.  Sold 2/28/2009 in Sweden, hammer price 850 SEK ($ 118).

OrangeKartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack,orangeKartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack,orangeKartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack,orange

Image source:  ebay user shelbydad2001.  Item sold 2/1/2010.

Kartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack, greenKartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack, green

Image source:  Special Zero Justice.  And note what’s in the background.  A yellow Bilumen portariviste by Rodolfo Bonetto.


Kartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack, brownKartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack, brownImage source:  eBay user suburbaninteriors.  Item for sale at          £ 200 ($ 322).

PurpleKartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack, purpleKartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack, purpleImage source:  eBay user ethergoat.  At CHF 85 ($ 81),  item did not sell.

Kartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack, black Kartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack, black Kartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack, blackImage source:  eBay user lebensweyse.  At 195 € ($ 260),  item did not sell.

I am very interested in any information that can be contributed to this entry to further my knowledge of this piece. I would especially appreciate a photograph of the original box and information about original cost.

Selected Bibliography

Philippe Decelle, Diane Hennebert, Pierre Loze, L'Utopie Du Tout Plastique 1960 - 1973, 1994, p.55.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hot Bertaa kettle | Philippe Starck | Alessi, Italy | 1990 | UPDATE

Starck Hot BertaaPhilippe Starck
Alessi, Italy, 1990

An update to my post of March 1, 2009, the Hot Bertaa kettle by Philippe Starck.  Here are some other good pictures, including the box.  Image source:  eBay user keskispas77.

Hot Bertaa with box

Hot Bertaa with box.

Hot Bertaa with box

Hot Bertaa with box.

Hot Bertaa Alessi imprint

Alessi imprint on the bottom of the Hot Bertaa kettle.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

4690 fioriera (flowerpot vase) | Giotto Stoppino | Kartell, Italy | 1972 | UPDATE

Stoppino 4690 vaseGiotto Stoppino
Kartell, Italy, 1972

An update to my post of February 24, 2009, the flowerpot vase by Giotto Stoppino.

Two flowerpot vases One flowerpot vase could be inverted and attached to form a table, approximately 46 cm in height.  Stoppino is no stranger to multifunctional design and objects that nest and connect, so the dual use of the vase is not surprising.  The only time I’ve seen the vases “tabled” in practice is from this picture (shown left) from a book on Stoppino’s designs.  The seam between vases is visible.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mr. Cold soap dispenser | Massimo Giacon | Alessi, Italy | 2000

Massimo Giacon, Mr. ColdMassimo Giacon
Alessi, Italy, 2000

Massimo Giacon was born in Padua, Italy, in 1961, comic-strip artist and illustrator, a leader in the renewal of the Italian comic, he divides his time as a graphic artist, designer, musician and artist.  He began a collaboration with the architectural studio Sottsass Associati in 1985.   He has also collaborated with Matteo Thun, Atelier Mendini, Sieger Design and worked on projects for Memphis, Alessi, Philips, Zero Disegno, Swatch, and Artemide. He became a graphic designer for television and websites in the 1990s.

After a musical career of about ten years, his first solo album, “Horror Vacui” (literally, the fear of empty spaces; the Aristotelian equivalent of “nature abhors a vacuum”) was released in 1996 on Kom-Fut Manifesto Records.

The Mr. Cold soap dispenser is given the Alessi designation AMGI01.  It is part of the F.F.F. (Family Follows Fiction) A di Alessi collection.  It is manufactured from thermoplastic resin and manufactured in four colors:   pink, yellow, light blue and dark blue.  Mr. Cold can hold a lot of soap!  It has an 18 oz (57 cL) capacity, is 5” in diameter and 7.25 inches tall.  Still available from Unica home, amongst other retailers, for $34 and common on eBay.

Mr. Cold soap dispenser

Mr. Cold soap dispenser, Promotional image.

Any time snot can be incorporated into design is fine by me.  For best results, choose an appropriate color soap to seal the deal.  It always makes me a little sad to see the drippy face of Mr. Cold because you just know there will come a day when you feel like he looks!

Mr. Cold box front

Mr. Cold box front.

Mr. Cold instruction insert

Mr. Cold instruction insert. 

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