Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mr. Cold soap dispenser | Massimo Giacon | Alessi, Italy | 2000

Massimo Giacon, Mr. ColdMassimo Giacon
Alessi, Italy, 2000

Massimo Giacon was born in Padua, Italy, in 1961, comic-strip artist and illustrator, a leader in the renewal of the Italian comic, he divides his time as a graphic artist, designer, musician and artist.  He began a collaboration with the architectural studio Sottsass Associati in 1985.   He has also collaborated with Matteo Thun, Atelier Mendini, Sieger Design and worked on projects for Memphis, Alessi, Philips, Zero Disegno, Swatch, and Artemide. He became a graphic designer for television and websites in the 1990s.

After a musical career of about ten years, his first solo album, “Horror Vacui” (literally, the fear of empty spaces; the Aristotelian equivalent of “nature abhors a vacuum”) was released in 1996 on Kom-Fut Manifesto Records.

The Mr. Cold soap dispenser is given the Alessi designation AMGI01.  It is part of the F.F.F. (Family Follows Fiction) A di Alessi collection.  It is manufactured from thermoplastic resin and manufactured in four colors:   pink, yellow, light blue and dark blue.  Mr. Cold can hold a lot of soap!  It has an 18 oz (57 cL) capacity, is 5” in diameter and 7.25 inches tall.  Still available from Unica home, amongst other retailers, for $34 and common on eBay.

Mr. Cold soap dispenser

Mr. Cold soap dispenser, Promotional image.

Any time snot can be incorporated into design is fine by me.  For best results, choose an appropriate color soap to seal the deal.  It always makes me a little sad to see the drippy face of Mr. Cold because you just know there will come a day when you feel like he looks!

Mr. Cold box front

Mr. Cold box front.

Mr. Cold instruction insert

Mr. Cold instruction insert. 

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