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Zimku wireless speaker system | Philippe Starck | Parrot, France | 2009

“What we designed is not a loudspeaker. What we designed is vibrating air.” So says designer Philippe Starck of the Zikmu (2009), which he designed exclusively for Parrot, the Paris-based wireless device company. With the Zikmu, you can stream music from your wireless device or phone, or from your PC using Wi-Fi or Mac using Bluetooth. Transmitting 360 degrees of immersive sound, Zikmu is a daring blend of design and acoustics that’s completely portable. With its slim profile, the next-generation speaker integrates harmoniously into any interior. By placing your iPhone, iPod or iPod Touch in the docking station built into one of the two columns, you can listen to your favorite music while recharging the device. RF remote control included.Zimku wireless speakers, black

The Zimku wireless speaker system in black.  Image source:  Design Within Reach (dwr.com).

The set includes two speakers and a remote control in a black styrofoam carrying case.  You can Stream your music via Wi-Fi from your Mac, PC or any Bluetooth compatible device. Some specifications are as follows:

  • Total power output: 100W RMS, 50W per channel.
  • 3-channel (Class D) digital amplifier.
  • Frequency range: 50 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • Compatible audio formats: MP3, LPCM.
  • Settings: volume, R/L balance, equalizer with presets.
  • Power supply: 70W per speaker.
  • Maximum range: 50 feet.


The black speakers make an appearance in the Lady Gaga video for the song “Bad Romance.”  Here they are, flanking her.

Lady Gaga with Zimku wireless speakersLady Gaga.  With the Zimku wireless speaker system.  Fabulous.  Image source:  Access Hollywood.

The Zimku is available in white, grey, black, and lime green.  It retails for $1600.  Design Within Reach has it, as does Neiman Marcus.  It measures 29.25” tall and each weighs 17 pounds.  It is made in China of ABS and PMMA resins.  At the top, acoustically transparent cloth grilles over the membrane sections.

 Zimku wireless speaker system Zimku wireless speaker system

Above, the Zimku wireless speaker system.  Image source:  Design Within Reach (dwr.com).


Design Within Reach.  Retrieved May 29, 2010 from:  http://www.dwr.com/product/zikmu-wireless-speaker-system-black.do

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