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Grande and Venti to-go cold cups | Doug Fast and the Solo Cup Company | Starbucks, United States of America | 2009

Starbucks Logo

Doug Fast designed the contemporary “green” Starbucks logo (a neat history of which can be found here).  From the Deadprogrammer (Michael Krakovskiy, 6/17/05) website:

I [Doug Fast] am the guy who designed the green SBUX logo. The original brown SBUX logo was designed in 1971 by my employer before I started working for him in January 1974. (I still work there as a designer) The design company was then called Heckler/ Bowker, here in Seattle.

The cup is anonymous until the logo gets slapped on it.  As someone who really really likes iced coffee, the hard plastic to-go cups that were available for a short time last year caught my eye.  At least they would have caught my eye had I seen them in time.  They sold out quickly.  Then they showed up on eBay, where they were going for $40 or so each.  Then they showed up again in stores about two months ago, and also on the Starbucks website!  Here they were going at a much more reasonable price.  You also save 10¢ a trip for using a recycled container.  Apparently they’re out of stock again, at least they’re not at the store I usually go to.

Starbucks store, to-go cup

The cup is essentially the normal to-go  Solo cup in 16 or 20 oz capacity, double walled to prevent condensation sweating.  Only it’s in acrylic (BPA free).   Sure they come with a Starbucks style price tag, $12.95 for the grande and $14.95 for the venti, but then again, what did you expect?

                            Venti Starbucks to-go cold cup Grande Starbucks to-go cold cup 

Starbucks to-go cold cups.  Reduce, reuse, recycle!

They come with green straws with a bump on the end to keep them from sliding through the hole on the cap.  Replacement straws can now also be purchased.  $3.95 for four straws, either grande or venti sized.

Replacement straws               

Starbucks to-go cold cups, box

Here’s how they come shipped from Starbucks.  The picture shows a package of two grande cups.

Starbucks Grande and Venti to-go cold cups

I had to have two of each.  Grande (16 oz) is on the left, venti (20 oz) on the right.

Starbucks Grande and Venti to-go cold cups, label

Close up of the label.

Starbucks Grande to-go cold cup UPC Starbucks Venti to-go cold cup UPC 

UPC symbols.  Grande (16 oz) is on the left, venti (20 oz) on the right.

Even though I give credit to Solo for the cup, there are plenty of other cup manufacturers of similar items.  While the profile of the reusable cup is different from the disposable cup, the volumes are the same, so don’t be fooled.  The last disposable cup I got from Starbucks was made by Pactiv.  Now I reuse.

Starbucks disposable cup, bottom Starbucks disposable cup, sideStarbucks disposable cup, front Starucks to-go cold cup

Upper left:  Starbucks disposable cup, bottom.  Upper right:  Starbucks disposable cup, side.  Bottom left:  Starbucks disposable cup, front (with remnants of tasty beverage).  Lower right:  Starbucks to-go cold cup.


Krakovskiy, M. (2005, June 17). How the Starbucks siren became less naughty, retrieved July 5, 2010 from http://www.deadprogrammer.com/starbucks-logo-mermaid

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RenRexx said...

i'm really bummed out that these are sold out and going for over $20 online (if you can find them)
i just want a great plastic cup with a lid and a straw!@!!

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