Saturday, November 27, 2010

Grande and Venti to-go cold cups | Starbucks, United States of America | 2009

Last posted about July 14, 2010.  The to-go cold cups are back, even though it’s late November.  Sure it’s on the chilly side to enjoy icy beverages but there was still this line-up at the Starbucks down the street.  And with festive candy cane straws!  At the store there was one Venti cup remaining (maybe a holdover from the summer?) and the rest were Grande.  Doesn’t look like Venti is available on the Starbucks website.

Starbucks To-go cold cups

From the Starbucks Store website:

Grande Candy Cane Cold Cup Tumbler by Starbucks Coffee

Back in stock... but only for a limited time! Enjoy your favorite beverage in this classic Holiday Cold Cup Tumbler with Candy Cane straw. The 16-oz. Grande Cup is double walled with a twist-on lid.

  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • For Cold Beverages Only

Starbucks Store, to-go cup               Grande Candy Cane Cold Cup $12.95 (SKU 317161)

Or, if you want the “Complete Grande Cold Cup Gift Set” which comes with a Grande Cold Cup, lid and holiday straw  and a 4 pack of Green Grande Straws:

Complete Grande 5-pc set $16.60 (SKU 321529)

And for those of you that like crazy whipped cream drinks (unfortunately this one is out of stock):  Your favorite To-Go cup now has an extra lid available. Now you can take your cold cup to work or on the road without spilling. Plus you can top it off! The added room is the perfect opportunity to add whip cream to your favorite cold beverage. One size dome lid fits both sizes - Grande and Venti cold cups.

Domed cold cup lid Domed Cold Cup Lid $2.95 (SKU 311897)

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Poseidon mirror (variety) | Unknown designer | Finesse Originals, United States of America | 1970s(?)

Not really an update so much as this is a variety of the Poseidon mirror I posted about on May 5, 2010.  This is essentially the same mirror without the scallops/waves that serve as a border. 

Lot 301 in Antique Helper’s October 30, 2010 Art & Antiques, Mission to Modern & Tribal Art auction was a “Finesse Originals fantasy themed mirror, Poseidon et al.”  It was estimated at $800-1,200 but I presume it did not sell as the realized price was indicated at $0.

The lot was described as

Finesse Originals fantasy themed mirror, Poseidon et al; circa 1970s molded fiberglass resin mayhem with the God of the Sea battling Athena for control of Athens (she wins). Gilt putti and hippocamps swirl around the smoked looking glass. 38” Diam. Good.

Poseidon mirror, Finesse Originals (no waves)

Poseidon mirror, Finesse Originals

Above:  Without waves.  Below:  With waves from May 5, 2010 post.

Poseidon mirror, Finesse Originals (no waves) Poseidon mirror, Finesse Originals (no waves)

Above:  Back view of mirror without waves.  Below:  Finesse Originals signature.

Antique Helper, Inc. is an Indianapolis, Indiana based auction house specializing in selling antiques, modern design, collectibles and fine art.  Founded in 2001, Antique Helper was a pioneer in the field of online auctions that run simultaneously with traditional live auctions.  Check them out – they do a couple of auctions  each month.

Antique Helper logo

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cronotime clock | Pio Manzù | Ritz Italora, Italy | 1966

Pio Manzu, Cronotime clockPio Manzù
Cronotime clock
Ritz Italora, Italy, 1966

Pio Manzù (also known as  Pio Manzoni) was born in Bergamo, Italy in 1939 and died in an automobile accident in Brandizzo, Italy on May 26, 1969.  He was the son of renowned sculptor Giacomo Manzù and his first wife Tina.

After graduating high school in Milan, Pio Manzu studied at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm and was the first Italian to graduate.  While still a student in 1962, he won first prize with Michael Conrad an International Competition “Année Automobile” to design a car that would be built by Carrozzeria Pininfarina. In 1965, he presented the design of a family car: the Autonova Fam and two years later, again with Conrad, he won a competition in Hamburg, (West) Germany for the design of a city bus.  Beginning in 1967, he became  a consultant to Fiat, which gave him the confidence and ability to freely plan, experiment, and design. He designed the City Taxi el’Autobianchi Coupe, and eventually the  Model 127 for Fiat. At the same time, he continued at Ulm as an assistant.  In the late 1960s, he designed the Cronotime clock for a Fiat year-end present, which was later issued by Ritz Italora and later still reissued by Alessi. 

He collaborated with Achille Castiglioni on the Parentisi lamp (Flos, 1970), which contains enough plastic to show up on this blog…look for it soon.

Original Cronotime clock, whiteOriginal Cronotime clock in white.  Note imprint at bottom on dial instead of “Alessi”  above where the hands meet.  Image source:  eBay.

Original Cronotime clock, red Original Cronotime clock, red Original Cronotime clock in red.  Sold on 11/12/2010 from Paris, France for 110 € ($ 150). Image source:  eBay.

Original Cronotime clock label, whiteOriginal Cronotime clock label, redRitz Italora label on original Cronotime clock.  Above, white.  Below, red.  Image source:  eBay.

Original cronotime clock mechanismClock mechanism of original Cronotime clock.  Image source:  eBay.

With Google Translate’s help and my cursory knowledge of German, I’ve done my best to translate an article in Form magazine that talks about the Cronotime clock.  It made the cover of the magazine in May, 1969.  Originally made for Fiat as a giveaway, Ritz Italora began production in 1968.  Form is a great magazine by the way, and its archives are available online.  Click the link below to check it out.

form design logo

May, 1969 Form cover May, 1969 Form p.14

Clock with a twist: flexible “Cronotime”
The movable housing orients the dial

The Fiat factory sent out the Cronotime clock as an annual gift, and for this purpose it was originally designed.  The Cronotime is a clock with a moveable housing, that is, it has a changing body shape.

What appears initially as a gimmick turns out in practice as very well thought out and useful. Instead of an adjustable mechanism or movable feet, in the Cronotime the most favorable view is accomplished by a small twist: The two parts of the housing are movable and can be rotated against each other, resulting in different orientations of the clock and  the desired viewing angle. The dial can be set by moving the upper ring at the same time with the movement. This part can be easily pulled out and contains a button on the back, which - pressed - is used to set the time, pulled out to turn off the clock.

Because this amusing technical and formal solution, table clock as “Fiat-present,” found so large a response, the Italian department store La Rinascente decided to make the Cronotime part of its catalog - its price: 9,500 lire.
(In Germany, it will soon be offered by  Bisterfeld + Weiss, Stuttgart.)

May, 1969 Form p.15

The Cronotime flexible clock consists of three parts together: the two rotatably connected housing parts made of molded ABS plastic and the dial ring as a carrier for the transistor battery-movement with a sight glass made of Makrolon.

The assembly is held together with no screws, only by pressure, as is the movement for time regulation with a simple locking mechanism easily reached.

Their colors: white, yellow, red and black, the dial in white or black.

A letter published in the December, 1969 issue of Form indicated that while 9,500 lire (approximately 60 Marks) was the price indicated by the earlier article, the German store was selling them for 125 Marks. 

Cronotime MoMA ad, 2007 From the MoMA store, 2007

The casing of the Cronotime clock is made of ABS polymer with metal clockwork.  The clock is  8.5 cm tall by 7 cm in diameter.  It features a modernist face with austere, bold numerals.  Halfway down the base is a swivel that allows the relative position of the face of the clock to change.  The Cronotime clock has been reissued by Alessi and is available new in black and orange for around $78 from many retailers.  It was also reissued in white.

Alessi reissue of Cronotime clockWhat you get when you buy the Alessi reissue of the Cronotime Clock.  Image source:  eBay.

 Alessi reissue of Cronotime clock, black

Alessi reissue of Cronotime clock, black Alessi reissue of Cronotime clock in black.  Image source:  eBay.

Cronotime clock configurations

Cronotime clock configurations

Cronotime clock configurations

Cronotime clock configurations

Different configurations of the Cronotime clock.  Image source:  Relax Living.

Alessi reissue of Cronotime clock, orange

Alessi reissue of Cronotime clock, orange

Alessi reissue of Cronotime clock in orange.  Image source:  Century Design Shop, RAIRAI Online.  Below:  removial of clock face from tube.

Alessi reissue of Cronotime clock, chromeAlessi reissue of Cronotime clock in chrome.  Image source:  Relax Living.

Selected Bibliography

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Retrieved November 10, 2010 from GAMeC Web Site:  Pio Manzu e l’Industrial Design, http://www.gamec.it/Files/PDF/Didattica/PioManzu/PM_secondarie_intero.pdf 

Eine Uhr mit dreh: flexible “cronotime”. (May, 1969). Form, 46, 14-15.

Manipulationen mit der flexiblen Cronotime?. (December, 1969). Form, 48, 76.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Deda vase | Giotto Stoppino | Heller, Italy | 1972 | UPDATE

An update to my post of January 20, 2009, the Deda vase by Giotto Stoppino for Heller.  This black Deda was described as being “in outstanding condition with no chips, edge nicks, cracks or gouges. Bright and shiny black plastic with only minor signs of use.”  There were 5 bidders and 6 bids.  The winning bid was $152.50.  This Deda was sold on 11/14/2010 from St. Louis, Missouri.

Deda auction end screenshot                         eBay final bid screenshot for the Deda vase.

Black data vase Black data vaseBlack data vaseThree views of the Deda vase that sold, from eBay user jullts.

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