Saturday, November 27, 2010

Grande and Venti to-go cold cups | Starbucks, United States of America | 2009

Last posted about July 14, 2010.  The to-go cold cups are back, even though it’s late November.  Sure it’s on the chilly side to enjoy icy beverages but there was still this line-up at the Starbucks down the street.  And with festive candy cane straws!  At the store there was one Venti cup remaining (maybe a holdover from the summer?) and the rest were Grande.  Doesn’t look like Venti is available on the Starbucks website.

Starbucks To-go cold cups

From the Starbucks Store website:

Grande Candy Cane Cold Cup Tumbler by Starbucks Coffee

Back in stock... but only for a limited time! Enjoy your favorite beverage in this classic Holiday Cold Cup Tumbler with Candy Cane straw. The 16-oz. Grande Cup is double walled with a twist-on lid.

  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • For Cold Beverages Only

Starbucks Store, to-go cup               Grande Candy Cane Cold Cup $12.95 (SKU 317161)

Or, if you want the “Complete Grande Cold Cup Gift Set” which comes with a Grande Cold Cup, lid and holiday straw  and a 4 pack of Green Grande Straws:

Complete Grande 5-pc set $16.60 (SKU 321529)

And for those of you that like crazy whipped cream drinks (unfortunately this one is out of stock):  Your favorite To-Go cup now has an extra lid available. Now you can take your cold cup to work or on the road without spilling. Plus you can top it off! The added room is the perfect opportunity to add whip cream to your favorite cold beverage. One size dome lid fits both sizes - Grande and Venti cold cups.

Domed cold cup lid Domed Cold Cup Lid $2.95 (SKU 311897)

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