Friday, December 31, 2010

Cortez | Unknown designer | Finesse Originals, United States of America | ca. late 1960s

I’m going to post some more Finesse Originals wall sculptures that I’ve found lately.  They’re not mine, I wouldn’t have the wall space to hang them all!  But they’re interesting nonetheless, especially the gigantic ones.  Finesse did not only make these behemoths, they also made smaller sculptures. 

Some information about Finesse was provided by the seller of the piece shown below:  “In 1965 a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for Finesse Originals. Finesse Displays, Inc. owned this trademark for three dimensional wall decorations and wall sculptures. The trademark expired in 1985.” 

Cortez.  This wall art was described by the seller with information that it was shown in “a 1968 Finesse originals catalog. It is titled #219 Cortez and sold then for $62.00.” 

In five pieces, the centerpiece is 32 ½” in diameter.  It is accompanied by four smaller pieces, each 13 ¾” in diameter.  Approximately 4” deep.  Offered at $300 but did not sell and has been relisted.  Image source:  eBay (user lycntrp).

Finesse Originals wall sculpture Finesse Originals wall sculpture Finesse Originals wall sculpture Finesse Originals wall sculpture

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Anonymous said...

I have a 3d relief wall art sculpture made by FInesse Originals, which I've not been able to identify. It has the name Hochhausen engraved into the lower right side, and it’s a carving of three soldiers on horseback, carrying axes…i am wondering if anyone knows anything about this piece and how much it might be worth?

Mary Jones said...

Well, I have one that is signed in the lower left corner. Espada is the signature, can't find the picture anywhere on the internet. It is a bullfighter fighting a bull and of course his cape is vivid red.

John kooper said...

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