Friday, December 17, 2010

Latina citrus juicer | Lorenzo Gecchelin | Guzzini, Italy | 2002

Lorenzo Gecchelin Latina juicerLatina citrus juicer
Guzzini, Italy, 2002

Lorenzo Gecchelin was born in Milan on June 22, 1971.  He graduates in 1995 from the Milan Polytechnic.  Gecchelin designed the Latina juicer (Spremiagrumi) for Fratelli Guzzini in 2002.  It won the Compasso d’Oro award in 2004. Compasso d'Oro

The Latina has everything you’d expect from a juicer.  But it’s the design that takes a standard kitchen and bar object to the next level.  The container is angled to allow juice to collect.  Teeth will filter pulp and seeds. It is made from Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) plastic.  Rubber feet hold it steady and prevent any scratching.

Guzzini logo

The Latina citrus juicer is given the designation 2322.00 00 by Guzzini and is 112mm tall and 188mm by 175mm with a weight of approximately 200g.

Latina citrus juicer

The Latina citrus juicer.

Latina citrus juicer catalog information Information from the catalog entry for the Latina citrus juicer.  For a pdf catalog of the entire Latina line, click here.

Why it’s called the Latina is a bit of a mystery, perhaps because it looks sombrero-like?  The Latina juicer is still available at numerous retailers.  The most common price is $38.99.  Expensive for a juicer, but worth it for one that looks so good?


Retrieved December 16, 2010 from Guzzini Web Site: http://www.fratelliguzzini.com/en/DesignerAH.aspx

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