Saturday, January 1, 2011

The top 10 posts of 2010

Happy New Year!  If you haven’t stopped by my blog before, welcome.  If you have, thank you for coming back.  Here are the top 10 Object Plastic posts from 2010 based on pageviews.

10 Planta coat rack by Giancarlo Piretti. You need one of these by your door.

Posted January, 2010.
Planta coat rack
  9 Soda cocktail shaker by Carl Öjerstam, Chris Martin, and
Magnus Elebäck.  Shake it like you mean it.

Posted June, 2009.
Soda cocktail shaker
  8 Poseidon mirror by Finesse Originals.   Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, I’m not going to say it again (obvious consequences).

Posted May, 2010.
Finesse Originals Poseidon mirror
  7 La Bomba picnic set by Villeroy & Boch.  Picnic like you mean it. 

Posted December, 2009.
La Bomba picnic set
  6 Pago Pago vase by Enzo Mari.  Do you like it better right side up or upside down? 

Posted January, 2009.
Pago Pago vase
  5 Pluvium umbrella stand by Giancarlo Piretti.  For when you need to store six umbrellas in style. 

Posted January, 2010.
Pluvium umbrella stand
  4 Plano table by Giancarlo Piretti.  If you like your tables foldable, this one is for you. 

Posted February, 2010.
Plano table
  3 Rougier tube lamp by Rougier.  The most popular lamp in the galaxy! 

Posted February, 2009.
Rougier tube lamp

Italy: The new domestic landscape (part 2).  This link takes you to the list of objects in the exhibition.

Posted March, 2009.
Italy: The new domestic landscape
  1 Hot Bertaa kettle by Philippe Starck. Make tea like you mean it.  Or don’t, with this kettle.

Posted March, 2009.
Hot Bertaa kettle

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