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Ero|S| chair | Philippe Starck | Kartell, Italy | 1998

Philippe Starck Ero|S| chairPhilippe Starck
Kartell, Italy, 1998

Kartell says that the Ero|S| chair is egg shaped, and that may be, but I see it more like a slightly tipped martini glass, especially the swivel base, with you as the olive once you sit in it.  The finishes are transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate for the seat and die-cast aluminum or chrome-plated steel for the base.

The seat is available in transparent: crystal (clear), yellow, light green, orange, and cobalt blue… (image source:  Heal’s)

Ero|S| crystal (clear)Ero|S| orangeEro|S| yellowEro|S| light greenEro|S| cobalt blue

…and opaque: glossy white, glossy black, and Kartell red (image source:  Heal’s). Also in opaque metallic gray.

Ero|S| solid whiteEro|S| solid blackEro|S| solid red

Ero|S| solid gray

Among the versions of the Ero|S| chair that are available are: polished aluminum tulip swivel base with a central support (model 4835), light four-legged structure in chromium-plated steel (model 4837) or on castor wheels (model 4839). The price varies with options and the chair runs approximately $485 for the chair with legs, $620 with castors, and $700 with the aluminum tulip swivel base.  Used chairs occasionally come up for auction but condition can be a problem.

Ero|S| chair technical data sheet

Ero|S| technical data sheet.

I have two of Ero|S|chairs in transparent crystal with the tulip swivel base.  The transparent crystal is especially good for small spaces as the chair is impactful without being visually heavy.  You do have to be careful around the chairs because the seat and the base will scratch easily and some cleaning solutions will cloud polycarbonate.  The Ero|S| chair is 62 cm wide by 70 cm deep and 79 cm tall.  The seat height is 46 cm. 

For other designs by Starck that I have posted about, click here.  

Ero|S| transparent crystalEro|S| aluminum tulip swivel baseClose up of scratches in Ero|S| aluminum tulip swivel base

Top:  The Ero|S| chair in transparent crystal.  Middle:  aluminum tulip base.  Bottom:  scratches on base.  The chair has held up well after 8 years of use but could stand some polishing.

Ero|S| transparent orangeEro|S| transparent orangeEro|S| aluminum tulip swivel base undersideEro|S| engraved imprint, tulip base

Top:  The Ero|S| chair in transparent orange.  Next:  top view.  Next:  view of bottom of chair with five rubber grippy pads.  Bottom:  engraved imprint on tulip base.  Image source:  eBay.

Ero|S| chair with box

Two Ero|S| chair boxes with a solid metallic gray chair with tulip base.  A second chair is to the right in the original picture here.  Image source:  Rocket City Digs.

Ero|s| chair with castors Ero|s| chair with castorsEro|s| chair with castors                    5 legged base with castors.  Image source:  eBay

Fixed leg Ero|S| chairFixed leg Ero|S| chair

 Eames Eiffel base

Top:  Ero|S| chair in transparent crystal, 4 legged base without castors.  Image source:  eBay.  Bottom:  The four- and five-legged lightweight structure bases evoke the Eames’ “Eiffel” base (1952).  Image source.

Ero|S| engraved imprint, fixed leg baseEngraved imprint on 4 legged base on the chair pictured above.  Image source:  eBay.

Ero|S| chair tagEro|S| tag on chair pictured above.  Image source:  eBay.

Starck has used the Ero|S|chair for self-inspiration on numerous occasions, some of which will surely show up in future posts.  While made of completely different materials, The moor(e) swivel lounge chair designed for driade (2008) is not dissimilar to the Ero|S|.  moor(e) comes in white or black full grain leather with a base made from polished stainless steel.  The shell is made from fiberglass that is padded and upholstered in leather.  Priced at approximately $9,200.

moor(e) chair

moor(e) chair schematic

moor(e) chair and schematic.  Image source:  driade.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone could comment on the comfort of this chair?

kevin404 said...

The Ero|S| is not an uncomfortable chair, but it’s also not one I’d be wild about for sitting in for long periods of time. I use mine to sit at when I’m putting on my running shoes or waiting for someone at the door...It's the transparent one with the scratchy base in the post.

Anonymous said...

I have 10 eros 4 leg base crystal chairs for 10 years ...they have all cracked and the base has separated from the the chair . They are used as dining chairs which have has very little use. I would not recommend these chairs to anyone.

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