Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jousting Knights | Unknown designer | Finesse Originals, United States of America | 1970s (?)

Two jousting knights.  62” wide by 22” tall by 8” deep.  Horses were definitely a recurring theme in Finesse Originals sculptures.

Finesse Originals wall sculptureFinesse Originals wall sculptureFinesse Originals wall sculptureImage source:  eBay (user thegreenwichgavel).  Note color detail on bottom picture.

Finesse Originals wall sculpture

Image source:  Craigslist.  This one doesn’t look painted like the riders do in the two pictures above this one.  Was this an option or an embellishment added afterwards?

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Anonymous said...

the original one was done in 14k gold made in 1965 - 1970 like the one i own the 1970 - 1980 was painted and had less gold the one on the bottom is more expensive with a $2000+ price tag and the 2 above are valued at $500 to $1000 price tag

Anonymous said...

I was recently gifted two different Finesse Originals wall hangings of a 16" standing and sworded knight. While it does not have the stamp I see on the others, the paper on the back of the wooden frame states that the knight with the unsheathed sword is Finesse Style No #3006 and the one with the sheathed sword is #3007. Where might I be able to find the value of these pieces for Insurance purposes (if needed)? Any information would be helpful, sent to snowy_river_gal@hotmail.com.

Many thanks!

Unknown said...

My mother owned one and handed it down to me, I would love to post a photo but don't know how and I also want to know to who and where can I sell this

Unknown said...

I have a Finesse Original Jousting Knight on Horseback. I cannot find any information on it. Would anyone have an idea of its'value? Thanks.

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