Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Santa Claw | Real Art Design Group | Dayton, Ohio, United States of America | 2011

The Santa Claw is an online game that allows you to control the world’s largest claw game.  Created from 2,000 pounds of steel, 700 feet of wire, a wheelchair and a half, and ONE GIANT CLAW, the premise is that the “Fat Man sent us all the unused presents, and we gave them a home in The Santa Claw.”  If you win, you get sent the leftover Santa goodies straight to your door.  Note:  Strictly lower 48.

The Santa Claw

The Santa Claw.  Image source:  The Laughing Squid (Photo by Justin Dunham).

You log in with your Twitter or Facebook account.  Or you can use an email address.  Setting up an account is easy.  About 500 people are allowed in line, which translates to a 7 or 8 hour wait.  So plan ahead.  Early morning log-ins will result in (slightly) shorter lines.  Refresh a couple of times to secure your place if it doesn’t catch the first time around.  Make sure you use a computer that won’t lose its connection or you’ll lose your place in line.

The Santa Claw

Prizes in plastic.  Image source:  The Laughing Squid (Photo by Justin Dunham).

The best part is that everything in the machine is plastic…well, plastic ball with prizes inside (that may or may not be plastic).  But you get the point.  As they say, “don’t get too attached to the giant plastic bubble…we recycle ‘em.”  They claim their prizes are awesome, and I believe!  I believe!  Eventually when it’s your turn, you head into the tent.  A top view and an oblique view controlled by arrows or mouse show up – and a drop button too.  You can also modify your avatar while-u-wait and watch the live claw cam.  Good luck!

The Santa Claw

Expect to see a lot of this…

The Santa Claw

…and wait for this to get to zero.

I won!  And I’m psyched!  And I believe!  What a cool game and cool concept.  Thank you to Real Art Design  for a fun day in cold, snowy day-off Atlanta.  Check out The Santa Claw!!

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