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Sorella table lamp | Harvey Guzzini | Studio Technica Harvey, Italy | 1972

Reissue of Sorella table lamp                         Reissue of the Sorella table lamp.

In the late 1950s, the sons of Mariano Guzzini: Raimondo, Giovanni, Virgilio, Giuseppe and Giannunzio founded Harvey Creazioni for the production of artistic objects in enameled copper. The name is a reference to Harvey, the invisible giant rabbit from the film of the same name starring Jimmy Stewart. Soon after the foundation of the company, the production of copper objects was supplemented by fantastically designed plastic lighting.

iGuzzini logo

Sorella table lamp and plugSorella table lamp, blackSorella table lamp base, blackThe Sorella table lamp was originally made in black and white ABS plastic and takes a 40W E17 bulb.  There are several, slightly different versions of the lamp but generally, the most desirable is the one where some light is reflected down the tube of the lamp and shines from the fins cut in the base.   The Sorella lamp above is $700 buy it now from eBay.

Sorella table lamp, black  Sorella table lamp, black Sorella table lamp, black Sorella table lamp, black Sorella table lamp imprint, black

Image source:  eBay.  Description:  “The condition is very good. There are a few points to note. There is two spot burns from the bulb inside the shade as can be seen in the second from last photo. The stem that holds the bulb moves so have to be careful when the bulb is on that it is not too near the plastic. This movement of the stem is a feature in all these lamps. The second flaw is a tiny hairline crack to the base.”  This Sorella lamp sold for £194 ($303) on 12/15/2010.  There were 20 bids and 11 bidders.

Sorella table lamp, white  Sorella table lamp, white Sorella table lamp, white  Sorella table lamp, white Sorella table lamp, whiteSorella table lamp base and sticker, white                        Image source:  modernlove20.com (sold).

Tour of the Sorella table lamp from Youtube user sonofsolo69.

Sorella table lamp from Moonraker Sorella table lamp from Moonraker

In the James Bond film “Moonraker” (1979) three black Sorella lamps are visible on the desk in Dr. Goodhead’s office.  Later on, 007 fights some goons in Drax’s spaceship, which is peppered with white Sorella lamps.

Sorella table lamp from Space: 1999

The Sorella lamp was also a Moonbase Alpha fixture on the TV show Space: 1999, which ran from 1975-78.

Sorellarium: 13 logo

Some terrific information about the Sorella lamp and numerous other iconic objects, plastic and non-plastic, can be found at Catherine Bujold’s Space1999.net.   Do yourself a favor and click on the Sorellarium icon above to go there now.

Nemo Castelli logo

Nemo Cassina bought the rights to produce the Sorella lamp and it is back in production in white polycarbonate.  It will take an 18W E27 TC-T compact fluorescent bulb.  Reports are that it should be available in early 2011.

Sorella table lamp, technical data sheet

Sorella table lamp technical data sheet from Nemo Cassina.

Sorella table lamp reissue schematics

Schematic of the Sorella table lamp, from Nemo Castelli reissue. 


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