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Cronotime clock | Pio Manzù | Alessi, Italy | 1988

Pio Manzù Cronotime clock Pio Manzù
Cronotime clock
Ritz Italora, Italy, 1966
Alessi, Italy, 1988, 2010

The Fall of 2010 saw the reissue of black and orange colors of the Cronotime clock in ABS by Alessi.  The Alessi site states the Cronotime is a “Desk clock in ABS, black. Second edition (first one in 1988)”.

Pio Manzù Cronotime clockPio Manzù

Cronotime clock, orange Cronotime clock, black

Image source:  Alessi.

Below are both sides of the information sheet that come with the clock, as shown in the picture below.  Click the information sheet images to be taken to a larger pdf.

Alessi reissue of Cronotime clock

Cronotime clock information sheet (front)

Cronotime clock information sheet (back)

The English text reads:


Designed by Pio Manzù in 1966, this clock is produced in two versions: in 18/10 stainless steel and Abs. The quartz movement uses a LR1 1.5 V battery with a duration of about twelve months. The battery separately included in the box must be placed in the movement in the direction indicated in the diagram (D). The time is set by turning the regulating hand wheel in the direction indicated in the diagram (C).

The case is formed of two equal sections of a cylinder (2 and 4), curved and inserted one in the other in such a way that they can be rotated to give the clock different shapes. They are connected by an elastic ring (3), that in the As version attached the two sections together permanently, while in the stainless steel version it is detachable. In the Abs version the stability is guaranteed by a leaden disk.

The clock mechanism (1). Made up of the front, the dial and the movement, constitutes a single element and is inserted into the case (2) with a bayonet joint (A); it may also be rotated, in order to follow the different forms that the clock can assume.

The clock mechanism (1) is considered to be a single replacement part (code no. 01/BCOMPLE for art. 01/B; code no. 01/ICOMPLE for art 01/I-01/W), thus if replacement is necessary you can request a new clock mechanism from your dealer and insert it easily into the case.


This clock is covered by an international guarantee for one year from the date of purchase. The guarantee covers all manufacturing defects. Damage caused by accidental impact or by improper use is excluded, as are the replacement of parts accidentally damaged, and the replacement of the battery. In the event of break-down, return the clock to the “Alessi Clocks” appointed retailer from whom it was bought, enclosing a copy of the guarantee certificate properly filled in, that you will find in the enclosed booklet.


Retrieved January 11, 2011 from Alessi web site: http://www.alessi.com/en/2/4897/clocks/01-b-cronotime-desk-clock

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