Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Deda vase | Giotto Stoppino | Heller, Italy | 1972 | UPDATE

An update to my post of January 20, 2009, the Deda vase by Giotto Stoppino for Heller.  This white Deda was thoroughly described and in very good condition.

Produced by Heller in Italy until 1974. The Deda vase is for long stemmed flowers. As it twists in helical form, its height increases from 8” to 14”. The spiral is 10” wide with plastic walls of thickness 1 3/4”. The complex shape of the vase was realized with the help of numerical control programs from technicians at Olivetti.  The vase is marked on bottom with “Heller Design Giotto Stoppino Made in Italy”.

There were 4 bidders and 5 bids.  The winning bid was $133.50 with $17.50 for shipping.  This Deda was sold on 11/8/2011 from Baltimore, Maryland.

   Deda auction end screenshot

eBay final bid screenshot for the Deda vase.

White Deda vaseWhite Deda vase imprint

Two views of the Deda vase that sold.  Image source:  eBay.

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