Friday, February 4, 2011

Lumitime clock | Various designers | Tamura Electric Corp., Japan | ca. 1970 | UPDATE

LumitimeVarious designers
Tamura Electric Corp., Japan, ca. 1970

Several views of what was described as the C-11 Lumitime clock and its accompanying box.  Box with damage, but clock in good condition.  With one bidder and one bid, this clock sold on 1/17/2011 for $50 with $11.95 for shipping from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA .  eBay user chefrarestones is selling Lumitime clocks from a personal collection, so if these are of interest to you, be sure to check out any other items that might be for sale.

Lumitime C-11 clock with boxLumitime C-11 clock with boxLumitime C-11 clock with box

Three pictures of the Lumitime C-11 clock with box.  Image source:  eBay.

Lumitime C-11 clock with box

Back of the Lumitime C-11 clock box.  Note the code “LT-11 WH”.  The discrepancy between the LT-11 and C-11 designations invites some further investigation.  From what I can tell, the

Lumitime C-11 knobsAbove:  From my post of June 3, 2010, the C-11 model has at the bottom of the face: Hour, Alarm Display, Minute, Alarm (on/off), Time set, and the Lumitime logo. 

Lumitime LT-11 clockLumitime LT-11 clock boxLumitime LT-11 clock styrofoam insert

Above three pictures: Lumitime clock described as LT-11, box, styrofoam protective insert.  This clock sold on 12/04/2006.  Image source:  eBay via Worthpoint.

With 4 bidders and 4 bids, this clock sold on 1/16/2011 for $66.75 with $9.99 for shipping from Knoxville, Tennessee, USA . The clock was described as a LT-11.

Lumitime LT-11 clock

Lumitime LT-11 knobs

Lumitime clock described as model LT-11.  Image source:  eBay

The LT-11 model has at the bottom of the face: H, Alarm Display, M, Alarm (on/off), Time set, and the Lumitime logo.  It is easy to see the difference in the arrangement of the knobs.  The clocks have similar profiles so it is possible that the C-11 and LT-11  designations were used interchangeably.  If you know anything about differences between these two clocks, please post a comment!

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Teraforce said...

Those last 2 pictures show my Lumitime CC-11 (not LT-11 nor C-11). The stupid eBay seller was too lazy to take his own picture and instead stole mine, but he didn't even show the correct model!

I don't know of any differences between the C-11 and the LT-11, but the CC-11 is a newer model and uses the KT-2 mechanism as opposed to the older KT-1 mechanism used in the C-11 and the LT-11.

I recently acquired a Lumitone R-111/KTR-1C clock radio, which uses the older KT-1 mechanism. I'll be sure to take pictures of the 2 mechanisms side-by-side soon for comparison.

Teraforce said...

I forgot to link my Flickr account in my previous post; click my name on this post if you want to go there. I'll post pictures of my Lumitone there soon.

kevin404 said...

Thank you for clearing this up Teraforce! Always interested in seeing the guts of these neat machines.

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