Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lumitime clock | Various designers | Tamura Electric Corp., Japan | ca. 1970 | UPDATE

LumitimeVarious designers
Tamura Electric Corp., Japan, ca. 1970

February, 2011 Lumitime clocks.  There were a lot more of these clocks selling on eBay than normal during the first half of the month, then the sales slowed down to nothing.  It has been my experience that shipping for a Lumitime is typically around $10. 


End Date

Sale Price
C-31* white 2/10 2 6 $129.50

Lumitime C-31 (script numerals)

C-11 wood 2/7 1 (best offer) 1 $75.00 Lumitime C-11
C-31 white 2/6 5 23 $171.50

Lumitime C-31

C-31 black 2/5 6 10 $34.00

Lumitime C-31

C-21 wood 1/31 3 6 $45.00 Lumitime C-21

*script numerals.

Click a link for more information about individual clocks.

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mick said...

I have one of these clocks that I've been using as my alarm clock for decades. I've only recently started thinking about how long I've had it and searching for it online brought me here. It's a model SS-3 - just a clock and alarm, no frills. I was thinking it must be about the greatest product ever made to last nearly 40 years and "take a licking and keep on ticking". Thanks for your research.

Anonymous said...

where can I get model ss-3

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