Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spyros ashtray | Eleonore Peduzzi Riva | Artemide, Italy | 1969 | UPDATE

Eleonore Peduzzi Riva SpyrosEleonore Peduzzi Riva
Artemide, Italy, 1969

While we’re at it, here is another update to my post of January 26, 2009, the Spyros ashtray by Eleonore Peduzzi Riva for Artemide. Presented here is the Spyros in white with an orange ball, mentioned in my original post but shown here.  Additionally, the imprint in white.

Spyros ashtray, white with orange ball

Spyros ashtray, white with orange ball

Two views of a white Spyros ashtray with an orange ball.  Image source:  temporary addorisio modern and contemporary furniture and lighting.  Item sold.

Spyros imprint, whiteImprint from the white Spyros ashtray.

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Anonymous said...

Hallo, another sharing!
this ashtray is a very interesting object. Plaything and functional item at the same time.
the official production was concerning five colors:
white - black - yellow - orange - olive green
and ALL of the have a black ball.
expecially in Italy most of the seller try sadly to replace lost parts in vintage repertos. so beware, orange ball is not original as well as the magic number 8 black poole ball that a nice guy in Milano was trying to sell for lots of euro!!!

kevin404 said...

Good info...thanks for sharing. Everybody pay attention to above!

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