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Rougier tube lamp | Unknown Designer | Rougier, Canada | ca. 1970 | UPDATE

Cliff Barnes' and Afton Cooper's house from DallasAn update to my post from February 4, 2009.  From Season 6 episode 18 of Dallas “Requiem.”  The episode originally aired on 2/11/83.  Here is another sighting of the Rougier tube lamp in Cliff Barnes’ and Afton Cooper’s house.  Shown above is a particularly unflattering view of the home.  Who would have guessed the trove of modern design that dwells within?

Rougier tube lamp from Dallas

Look what’s up there on the wall.  That would be the spherical Rougier lamp as a sconce.  Absolutely fantastic.  The pair of table lamps, the hint of one is at the lower left corner of the above shot…they’re fab, too.

Rougier tube lamp from Dallas

Above:  A close up of the Rougier lamp on the wall.

Modern lamps from Dallas

And while we’re at it, look at those gorgeous lamps that bookend Cliff, seen here in his natural drunken stupor just before being told his mother died in a plane crash, a plane he should have been on.

Sciolari chandelier from Dallas

To the right of the sconce, hanging over the table and just north of Cliff’s head, is what appears to be a Cubic chandelier by Gaetano Sciolari.  These were made in various size configurations and with brass and chrome finishes.  The diffusers are made of molded acrylic!

Sciolari Cubic chandelierSciolari Cubic chandelier

Above:  Sciolari lamps.  Image source:  1stdibs.

Thanks to David for some background Dallas information, for eyeing the cool items in the show and for having the series on DVD. 

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Kenneth Hayes said...

The two milky coloured end-table lamps are the model LT 305 designed in 1968 by Carlo Nason for Mazzega. Nason made many variants of this popular design.

kevin404 said...

Thanks for identifying those lamps!

harada57 said...
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