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Pavé Piuma, et al. | Piero Gilardi | Gufram, Italy | 1969 – 1972

Piero Gilardi was born in Turin in 1942. In 1963, he held his first solo exhibition “Machines for the future.” Two years later he produced his first works in polyurethane foam.  Gilardi was widely recognized in the early 60s for his experiments with unorthodox materials and sculptural forms that radically diverged from the avant-garde mainstream.

Piero GilardiPiero Gilardi.  Image source.

Gilardi was responsible for creating “Tappeti-natura” (Nature-carpets). They are floor installations and wall reliefs made of meticulously molded and painted polyurethane foam that take the form of rocks, plants and a wide variety of nature studies.  These objects brought Gilardi considerable critical and commercial success throughout the 60s.

Pavé PiumaPavé Piuma, 1967.  Image source.

The Pavé Piuma is one such example, executed for Gufram in 1967.  Other Tappeti-natura can be seen in the slideshow below.  

Gilardi grew disillusioned with the art world and by the early 70s, ceased making art, abruptly exiting the scene.  In 1981 he resumed his activity in the art world, exhibiting in galleries of installations accompanied by creative workshops with the public. To see some of Gilardi’s recent work, click here.


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