Friday, August 5, 2011

Astrolite Products | Ritts Co., L.A. | Various designers | ca. 1970s

Astrolite label

Here are some examples of Astrolite Products acrylic lamps. The size was given as 30” tall by 10” wide by 7” deep (acrylic piece is 18” tall).  Fine craftsmanship coupled with a modern but not necessarily minimal design.  Image source:  http://www.artbyec.com/lucitelampbody.htm.

Astrolite Products lamp

Astyrolite Products lamp

Two views of the lamp.

Astrolite label

Astrolite Products sticker on lamp.

Below, from eBay.  Another Astrolite lamp, which features eight diamond shaped crystals rising up from an octagonal shaped base.  A chrome center post supports the light socket and shade.  The finial is a cylindrical shaped acrylic piece.  The socket is a three way switch.  The lamp retains the original sticker on back of the base.  Does not include shade.  Size:  10” square base with a height of 31” to the top of the finial.  Weighs 15 pounds. 

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