Saturday, November 19, 2011

Deda vase | Giotto Stoppino | Heller, Italy | 1972 | UPDATE

An update to my post of January 20, 2009, the Deda vase by Giotto Stoppino for Heller.

Wonderful DEDA vase, designed by Giotto Stoppino for Heller circa 1972. The vase is in wonderful structural condition but does show fading as it has turned the common light beige in color. This is very common in 1960s and 70s plastic as the UV filters fail and the bright white fades slightly. At any rate, the vase is free of breaks, melts or cracks.”

There were 6 bidders and 8 bids.  The winning bid was $58.00 with $8.00 for shipping.  This Deda was sold on 11/18/2011 from Kansas City, Missouri.

Deda auction end screenshot

eBay final bid screenshot for the Deda vase.


Views of the Deda vase that sold.  Image source:  eBay.

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