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Spritta apple slicer | Carl Öjerstam | IKEA, Sweden | 2011

Carl Öjerstam Spritta apple slicer

The last time I posted about Carl Öjerstam was for another IKEA item, the Soda cocktail shaker that he designed with Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck.  I like going to Ikea not just to see how furniture can best be flat packed, but to check out what always turns out to be a few new, cool pieces of plastic design.  The Spritta apple slicer was what I found on my last visit.  It is part of a set that includes a citrus squeezer and a  fruit garnishing set.  Carl Öjerstam has created more than 200 products for IKEA.Ikea Spritta series by Carl Öjerstam

The Spritta series, from Ikea.

Carl Öjerstam was born in 1971.  In 1997, he graduated from Konstfack School of Art & Design in Stockholm, Sweden in Industrial Design.  Three of his products have received the international Red Dot design award:  the Flamma wall spotlight and the Storvik rattan chaise lounge, both produced by IKEA, and the Omni easy chair, produced by Materia.

Red Dot design award logo

Flamma wall spotlight

Flamma wall spotlight, IKEA (2001).  Image source.
Storvik rattan chaise lounge

Storvik rattan chaise lounge, IKEA (2002).  Image source.
Omni easy chair

Omni easy chair, Materia (2007). Image source.

Carl Design logo

Carl Design AB was founded by by Carl Öjerstam in Stockholm in 1995.  Carl is an industrial design company with a core business in product design for mass production. The company also works with projects in transportation, graphic design, packaging, retail, and exhibition solutions.  Carl’s clients have included IKEA, Tupperware, Vodafone, Kinnarps Group, Selecta, Materia, Svenskt Tenn, and BRIO, amongst others.  He creates and engages in a wide variety of design challenges, from kitchen products, furniture and lighting to packages and home electronics.

Spritta apple slicer

Above, the Spritta apple slicer.  Image source:  IKEA.

The Spritta apple slicer is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic and stainless steel.  It is 4” in diameter and 2” in height and feels robust in hand.  It is not a flimsy, lightweight apple – or as IKEA also suggests, onion – slicer.  It is given Ikea Article Number 901.529.99 and it is only available for purchase at the store, it is not available online. 

 Spritta apple slicer

The Spritta apple slicer in its natural habitat. 


Carl Öjerstam, Retrieved from http://www.materia.se/eng/designers_2/jacob_zeilon_2_1_1

Simonsen, J. (2011, October 28). Black is beautiful. Retrieved from http://www.theshare-space.com/BlogPostDetail/?entryId=50

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dish Doctor dishrack | Marc Newson | Magis, Italy | 1998 | UPDATE

Marc Newson Dish Doctor dishrackMarc Newson
Magis, Italy, 1998

Here is an update to my post of October 14, 2009, the Dish Doctor dishrack by Marc Newson for Magis.  This is an example in clear with the imprint.  All images from eBay.

Marc Newson Dish Doctor dishrackMarc Newson Dish Doctor dishrack

Top views of the Dish Doctor dishrack by Marc Newson.

Marc Newson Dish Doctor dishrack

The two parts of the Dish Doctor dishrack.

Marc Newson Dish Doctor dishrack

Dish Doctor, underside.

Marc Newson Dish Doctor dishrack, imprint

Marc Newson, Magis, Made in Italy imprint on bottom of Dish Doctor.

This Dish Doctor dishrack generated 5 bidders and 6 bids and sold on 12/19/2011 from Melbourne, Australia for A$94.51 ($95.25).

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Lumitime clock model CC-71 | Various designers | Tamura Electric Corp., Japan | ca. 1970 | UPDATE

LumitimeVarious designers
Tamura Electric Corp., Japan, ca. 1970

An update to my post of March 23, 2009, specifically the CC-71 Lumitime clock. For other posts I’ve made about Lumitime clocks, click here. I haven’t come across the CC-71 model before and like its space age style.

The tapered face and body of this Lumitime give it a very “mod pod” look.  Its smooth curves evoke Eero Saarinen’s designs and it would look terrific on a Saarinen table.  It makes me wish I hadn’t missed the auction!  The CC-71 clock measures 7 3/4 by 4 by 2 inches.  Saarinen side tableSaarinen side table.  Image source.

Lumitime CC-71 clock with box

Lumitime CC-71 clock with box.  All images of the CC-71 are from eBay.

Lumitime CC-71 clock with box and contents

Lumitime CC-71 clock with box contents.

Lumitime CC-71 clock  Lumitime CC-71 clock

Underside (left) and top view (right) of CC-71 clock.

Lumitime CC-71 clock label and box

Label on bottom of Lumitime CC-71 clock.  “Tamura Electric Corp. (U.S.A.) - Model No. CC-71 - NO K 6 A - 120 Volts 60 Hz 5 Watts - Made in Japan - UL Listed Clock 186J”

Described by the seller as “Overall condition very good, looks new, clean, original box and papers, box shows wear”.  This clock sold on 12/2/2011 from Tucson, Arizona.  There were 7 bidders and 9 bids with a final price of $85.04.  Shipping added $11.15.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Deda vase | Giotto Stoppino | Heller, Italy | 1972 | UPDATE

An update to my post of January 20, 2009, the Deda vase by Giotto Stoppino for Heller.  Three, good condition Deda vases were sold from Westbury, New York on 12/7/11.  An aggregate screenshot of the results is presented below.  Shipping added $12.00 to the winning bid.

Color Bidders Bids Sale Price
Black 3 12 $120.50
Yellow 5 14 $235.83
Green 5 7 $96.61

Heller Deda vase auction results

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Selene stacking chair | Vico Magistretti | Artemide, Italy | 1968 | UPDATE

Vico Magistretti Selene chair Vico Magistretti
Artemide, Italy, 1968

An update to my post of December 2, 2011, the Selene stacking chair by Vico Magistretti for Artemide.  This is the chair in gray.  Note that 10 of these chars are available at $195 each (+$25 shipping) with the possibility of a quantity discount.  All images from seller CathodeBlue (Virginia Beach, VA, East Coast, United States) at Etsy.com.  Here is a direct link to the listing.  Condition is described as “beautiful vintage condition on all of these chairs, but typical light scuffing on legs is to be expected.” And additionally:

Design icon. Period.

Gorgeous vintage Selene chairs by Italian designer Vico Magistretti. Designed in 1969 for Artemide, the Selene chair was the first monobloc chair made from just a single piece of 3 mm thick fiberglass-reinforced polyester. A stunning and historically significant design that paved the way in high-end molded plastic furniture manufacturing.

18.5” w | 19.5” d | 29.5” h | 18.5” seat height


Selene stacking chair, grayThe Selene stacking chair in gray, stacked four high.

Selene stacking chair, graySelene stacking chair in gray.

 Selene stacking chair, gray with maroonSelene stacking chair, maroon with gray Gray Selene chair paired with maroon (maroon sold).

Selene stacking chair, gray imprint Imprint on gray Selene stacking chair.


Selene stacking chair, yellow Selene stacking chair in yellow.  Image source:  eBay.

Selene stacking chair, yellow imprint Imprint on yellow Selene stacking chair.  Image source:  eBay.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

4675 Portariviste | Giotto Stoppino | Kartell, Italy | 1972 | UPDATE

Giotto Stoppino 4675 PortarivisteGiotto Stoppino
Kartell, Italy, 1972

An update to my post of April 21, 2010, the 4675 Portariviste by Giotto Stoppino.  Shown here is a nice example in yellow, with the imprint.  This item sold for R650 (approximately $80) on June 28, 2011 from Cape Town, South Africa. Image source:  bidorbuy.co.za.

Kartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack, yellowKartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack, yellow  Kartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack, yellow  Kartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack, yellowKartell Stoppino 4675 magazine rack, yellow imprint

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gaudi armchair | Vico Magistretti | Artemide, Italy | 1970

Vico Magistretti Gaudi armchairVico Magistretti
Artemide, Italy, 1970

For a short biography of and more information about Vico Magistretti, check out my previous post about the Selene stacking chair.  The Gaudi armchair evolved out of the design of the earlier Selene chair.  Because the arms are integrated into the single-piece construction, perforations were required at the inner corners of the seat. The chair was manufactured by Artemide from compression moulded “Reglar” fiberglass reinforced polyester.

The Gaudi armchair is included in the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York here and is reported as being is 29 1/8” by 21 5/8” by 23 5/8” (74 by 55 by 60 cm).  The Gaudi chair was also shown at the 1972 exhibition “Italy: the New Domestic Landscape” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  The other objects by Magistretti in the show are illustrated in my post about the Selene stacking chair.

Gaudi armchair US Patent

The first page of the United States “Armchair” design patent, number 226,363. The rest of the patent can be found here.

Sketch for the Gaudi armchair

Sketch for the Gaudi armchair.  Original image source:  Vico Magistretti, Elegance and innovation in Italian design (1991).

Sketch for the Gaudi armchairSketch for the Gaudi armchair

Sketches for the Gaudi armchair.  Original image source:  Vico Magistretti, Elegance and innovation in Italian design (1991).  The caption in that work read:  This armchair is a development of the Selene solution, and is made of reinforced molded resin.  The arms are an integral part of the shell, whose inner corners have been perforated to allow construction in one single mold.  Produced by Artemide.

Gaudi chair in New York Magazine

Bloomingdale’s advertisement for “Artemide at Bloomingdale’s” in the May 6, 1974 issue of New York Magazine (p. 2).  Copy reads:

Artemide.  Creating an environment for today’s living.  Furniture designs in art form.  Like contemporary sculpture.  Enduring.  Functional.  Selected by the Board of Directors for the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.  Beautiful in its simplicity.  Reflecting today in surfaces as smooth and shiny as highly polished marble.  Moulded in polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass to resist heat and scratching.  To withstand the sun and rain when used outdoors.  Artemide.  Gleaming in white or chocolate brown.  Shown are the “Stadio” dining table, “Bacco” rolling bar, “Ara” cocktail table and the “Gaudi” arm chair.  The collection is priced from 48.00 to 425.00.  See the total Artemide concept in one of our Designer Rooms, created by Richard Knapple for Artemide, Spring 1974, on the 5th Floor, New York.  Also shown in Bergen County, Garden City, Jenkintown and Manhasset.  Bloomingdale’s, 1000 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022. 223-7111. Open late Monday and Thursday; branches open late too.


Gaudi armchair, white

Image source:  eBay


Gaudi armchair, redGaudi armchair, red  Gaudi armchair, red  Gaudi armchair, red

Image source:  vintageplus.nl, here.

GreenGaudi armchair, green

Image source:  20cdesign at 1stdibs.com.


Gaudi armchair, brownGaudi armchair, brown

Image source:  eBay


Gaudi armchair imprint, white

Image source:  eBay

Gaudi armchair imprint, red

Image source:  eBay.

 Gaudi armchair imprint, green

Image source:  20cdesign at 1stdibs.com.

Gaudi armchair imprint, brown

Image source:  eBay.

Heller rereleased the Gaudi armchair as their “New Gaudi” model 1050 in 2007 in white and black.  The chair is constructed of single piece injection molded nylon (for the colored chairs) or polycarbonate (for the transparent chair).  The dimensions of the chair are 75cm (29 1/2”) height, 59cm (23 1/4”) width, and 57.5cm (22 5/8”) depth.

New Gaudi chair technical data sheet

Technical data sheet for the Heller reissue of the Gaudi armchair, the New Gaudi chair model 1050.

Vico Magistretti Foundation

See the Vico Magistretti Foundation website for a wealth of information about the designer.

As always, check out Sorellarium 13 for all the best in plastic design from Space: 1999.  This link takes you to the page about the Gaudi armchair.

Selected Bibliography

Ambasz, E., ed., Italy: The new domestic landscape:  Achievements and problems of Italian design. New York, 1972, p.39.


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