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Spritta apple slicer | Carl Öjerstam | IKEA, Sweden | 2011

Carl Öjerstam Spritta apple slicer

The last time I posted about Carl Öjerstam was for another IKEA item, the Soda cocktail shaker that he designed with Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck.  I like going to Ikea not just to see how furniture can best be flat packed, but to check out what always turns out to be a few new, cool pieces of plastic design.  The Spritta apple slicer was what I found on my last visit.  It is part of a set that includes a citrus squeezer and a  fruit garnishing set.  Carl Öjerstam has created more than 200 products for IKEA.Ikea Spritta series by Carl Öjerstam

The Spritta series, from Ikea.

Carl Öjerstam was born in 1971.  In 1997, he graduated from Konstfack School of Art & Design in Stockholm, Sweden in Industrial Design.  Three of his products have received the international Red Dot design award:  the Flamma wall spotlight and the Storvik rattan chaise lounge, both produced by IKEA, and the Omni easy chair, produced by Materia.

Red Dot design award logo

Flamma wall spotlight

Flamma wall spotlight, IKEA (2001).  Image source.
Storvik rattan chaise lounge

Storvik rattan chaise lounge, IKEA (2002).  Image source.
Omni easy chair

Omni easy chair, Materia (2007). Image source.

Carl Design logo

Carl Design AB was founded by by Carl Öjerstam in Stockholm in 1995.  Carl is an industrial design company with a core business in product design for mass production. The company also works with projects in transportation, graphic design, packaging, retail, and exhibition solutions.  Carl’s clients have included IKEA, Tupperware, Vodafone, Kinnarps Group, Selecta, Materia, Svenskt Tenn, and BRIO, amongst others.  He creates and engages in a wide variety of design challenges, from kitchen products, furniture and lighting to packages and home electronics.

Spritta apple slicer

Above, the Spritta apple slicer.  Image source:  IKEA.

The Spritta apple slicer is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic and stainless steel.  It is 4” in diameter and 2” in height and feels robust in hand.  It is not a flimsy, lightweight apple – or as IKEA also suggests, onion – slicer.  It is given Ikea Article Number 901.529.99 and it is only available for purchase at the store, it is not available online. 

 Spritta apple slicer

The Spritta apple slicer in its natural habitat. 


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How can I get in touch with Carl Ojerstam? Is he on Facebook or LinkedIn?

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