Sunday, January 1, 2012

The top 10 posts of 2011

OBJECT <> PLASTICHappy New Year!  If you haven’t stopped by my blog before, welcome.  If you have, thank you for coming back.  Three years of researching and writing  have definitely improved my knowledge of vintage plastic design.  I’ve also learned a lot about blogging, HTML, and web design in the process.

New for 2012:  I have started a Facebook page for Object Plastic.  So go ahead and click “like” up there and be a part of the conversation.  I’ll be depressed if by February the counter is still at zero.  Also, if there is a piece of plastic design that you feel should be included here, consider writing a guest post.

Life seems full of countdowns this time of year, so I thought I would add my own.  Here are the top 10 Object Plastic posts from 2011 based on pageviews.


La Bomba picnic set by Villeroy & Boch.  Makes me want to head off to a meadow somewhere and picnic in style.

Posted December, 2009.

La Bomba picnic set


Pago Pago vase by Enzo Mari.  I’m working on a collection of all the colors.

Posted January, 2009.
Pago Pago vase
  8 Ero|s| chair by Philippe Starck.  Reminds me of a martini glass where you get to be the olive.

Posted January, 2011.
Ero|s| chair
  7 Sorella table lamp by Harvey Guzzini and now Nemo Cassina.  Go find yourself an original.

Posted January, 2011.
Sorella table lamp
  6 Poseidon mirror by Finesse Originals.  Love it or hate it, these maximalist mirrors will stir a reaction from whomever gazes into them.

Posted May, 2010.
Finesse Originals Poseidon mirror
  5 Italy: The new domestic landscape (part 2).  This link takes you to the list of objects in the exhibition.

Posted March, 2009.
Italy: The new domestic landscape
  4 Plano table by Giancarlo Piretti.  Could you find a more rationally designed table that can be tucked away when not in use?

Posted February, 2010.
Plano table
  3 Pet Shop Boys “Very” compact disc case.  Don’t come here looking to pirate the CD.  This is all about the case it comes in!

Posted April, 2009.
Pet Shop Boys "Very" compact disc case
  2 Rougier tube lamp by Rougier.  This is one fine looking lamp.

Posted February, 2009.
Rougier tube lamp
  1 Hot Bertaa kettle by Philippe Starck.  Let this impractically gorgeous kettle wow your guests.

Posted March, 2009. 
Hot Bertaa kettle

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