Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tortiglione vase | Enzo Mari | Danese, Italy | 1969 | UPDATE

An update to my post of October 21, 2009, the Tortiglione (3083 B) vase by Enzo Mari for Danese.  This is the first time I’ve seen one of these for sale on eBay.  It is the larger size vase in yellow ochre.  The vase is 36cm in height and 25cm in diameter at the widest point. 

Enzo Mari Tortiglione vaseTortiglione vase, shown next to a pack of cigarettes to get an idea of scale.

 Enzo Mari Tortiglione vase, stamped disc signature

Metal disc signature on bottom of Tortiglione vase.

Enzo Mari Tortiglione vase eBay auction end screenshot

eBay final bid screenshot for Enzo Mari Tortiglione vase.

The sale concluded with another impressive auction result for one of Mari’s works.  There have been quite a few lately. There were 10 bidders who placed 19 bids for this Tortiglione vase.  The vase sold for €1065.00 (approximately $1375.98) on 1/22/2012 from France.

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