Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Variazioni Tematiche sculpture | Enzo, Mari | Danese, Italy | 1959

Enzo Mari Variazioni Tematiche sculptureVariazioni Tematiche sculpture
Enzo Mari
Danese, Italy, 1959

I am a big fan of the work of Enzo Mari.  Sometimes, his pieces are simple and elegant.  Sometimes they refer back to earlier periods of design but with a new-found freshness.  Sometimes, they are ahead of their time.  Ahead of its time is the case with Mari’s Variazioni Tematiche, which translates to “Variations on a theme.”

Variazioni Tematiche

In this case, the theme is a series of spheres, ribboned in green and embedded in acrylic.  The sculpture is from a series of work undertaken by Enzo Mari that investigated spherical forms encased in transparent cubes. Previously, I posted about the Relazione di Quattro sculpture. The Variazioni Tematiche is 8cm tall by 8cm wide and 4cm deep.

Variazioni TematicheVariazioni Tematiche

The Variazioni Tematiche sculpture above sold on eBay on 1/9/2012, attracted four bidders and four bids, and sold for €657 (approximately $832).  Condition was described as “perfect considering the age: no chips, no cracks, even edges and corners are undamaged.” It certainly is a remarkable and rare art edition for collectors.

Variazioni Tematiche, signatureVariazioni Tematiche, signature

Above top:  The Variazioni Tematiche is signed with the Danese logo on one side.  Bottom:  Close up view of the signature.

eBay final bid screenshot Enzo Mari Variazioni Tematiche sculpture

eBay final bid screenshot for the Variazioni Tematiche sculpture.

Special thanks to V.S. for providing me these pictures to share.

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