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Parentesi lamp installation instructions | Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù | Flos, Italy | 1970

Parentesi lampAchille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù
Parentesi lamp
Flos, Italy, 1970

This post is related to my post of March 18, 2011, the Parentesi lamp by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù for Flos.  The installation of the Parentesi lamp is not unchallenging.  I knew I had put the paperwork somewhere and in a fit of cleaning, I finally found it.

The hardest part of the installation for me was that I have a concrete ceiling and had to use a hammer drill while standing awkwardly on a ladder.  The next hardest part of the installation is cutting the cable to fit your floor to ceiling height.  Be careful as you do this as if you cut too short and the turnbuckle can’t accommodate the distance, you will need to get a new cable.

First, identify which type of ceiling you have.  If you want to install the Parentesi lamp in solid ceiling construction, start with 1a and skip 1b.  If you want to install the Parentesi lamp in a drop ceiling, skip 1a and start with 1b.


For solid ceiling construction:  Unscrew hook from expansion bolt (A).  Pass hook through ceiling rose (B) and re-attach to bolt.  Slip bolt into a 3/8” diameter hole and turn until secure.
Parentesi lamp installation step 1


For drop ceilings: Push captoggle (K) into a 3/8” diameter hole.  Push up nylon bushing until flush with the ceiling and break off excess.  Remove hook from expansion bolt (A), pass it through ceiling rose (B) and thread it into the aluminum part of captoggle.

Parentesi lamp installation step 1


Slip the top connector (C) onto the open hook.  Cut the cable to the appropriate length to reach approximately 7” from the floor allowing for the dimension of the weight and turnbuckle.
Parentesi lamp installation step 2


Slide the hard rubber lampholder support (D) onto the Parentesi shaped tube (E).  (NOTE: Wetting the tube will facilitate this operation).  Insert and slide the steel cable through the shaped tube which can be temporarily fixed to the steel cable with tape.
Parentesi lamp installation step 3


Put the end of the steel cable into the upper hole of the turnbuckle (F), tighten the securing screw and hook the turnbuckle to the counterweight (G).
Parentesi lamp installation step 4


Regulate the tension of the cable by the turnbuckle so that the counterweight just touches the floor.  Tighten the counternuts and check that the cable is plumb (perpendicular to the floor).
Parentesi lamp installation step 5


Insert lampholder (H) into support (D) and push into place.  Tie wires with plastic ties (I).

Lamp: 150W (MAX) 120 Volt R-40 Flood.

Note: The cable that hangs off the lampholder socket (H) does not need to be attached by the plastic ties.
Parentesi lamp installation step 6


Parentesi lamp installation instructions

Click above for the Parentesi lamp installation instructions.

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Anonymous said...

What's the diameter and depth of the hole you needed to drill in your concrete ceiling

kevin404 said...

Check your bolt first to make sure it's the normal size (it usually is). I used a 3/8" bit and a hammer drill to bore through the ceiling. This was not easy to do and made a mess. I checked the depth of the hole against the bolt every half inch or so, because I didn't want to drill any more than I had to and I wanted a straight hole. You can check to make sure the assembly is flush against the ceiling before you tighten the expansion bolt.

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