Sunday, April 22, 2012

a-justa-lamp articulating task lamp | Stylette Plastics, Inc. | Oakdale, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Here is an a-justa-lamp articulating task lamp in bright yellow.  Takes a maximum 60 watt bulb.  From etsy.com, item title: “Vintage Lamp Yellow A-Justa-Lamp Desk Organizer Mod Panton Era Light”

a-justa-lamp, yellow     a-justa-lamp, yellow

a-justa-lamp, yellow

a-justa-lamp, yellow

The lamp stands as high as 20” or as low as 8” in a usable position.

From Junkables.com, the same lamp with pictures of the base and box.  Item title: “1970’s Yellow Plastic Adjustable Desk Lamp The "A-Justa-Lamp”

a-justa-lamp, yellow, label and imprint


1)  The function of this high styled lamp is to deliver light where it is needed.  Do not exceed a 60 watt bulb.

2)  Use the tray for paper clips or pencils – not as an ash tray.

3)  Adjust at three points by loosening or tightening adjusting knobs.

a-justa-lamp, yellow, box

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